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small chick



Hi I am trying to find a direct flight from Rennes to Glasgow quite urgently for a friend,but having never done the research on flight stuff i have become overwhelmed by the complicated sites and information offered. I'm totally confused now ! I thought i would be able to find a simple site... can't.. :(  Could anyone tell me where to look,or maybe someone does this trip often,and could advise. Or even co-voiturage if anyone is driving that way ? Thankyou

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There are no direct flights from Rennes to Glasgow, your friend will have to change at Southampton and perhaps another change as well. Flybe fly from Rennes so have a look on their site:

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have a look on skyscanner


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We used to Fly to Inverness by going from Rennes to Southampton, then to Manchester and from there to Inverness, using Flybe.  We could do it a day as long as there were no delays. I think it would be worth looking at that route and then Manchester to Glasgow, instead of Inverness.

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Flying Rennes to Glasgow with Flybe is quite expensive, husband flew this route and had to wait hours at Southampton for connecting flights.

If your friend can fly from Dinard to Stansted, there will then be a choice of either Ryanair who operate 2/3 flights a day to Glasgow or Easyjet (Not sure of their timetable)

Hope this helps :-)

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Condor Ferry   St Malo - Jersey     7.15am check-in /  8am crossing ( arrive Jersey 8.20am ). €39

Taxi to Jersey Airport ( may need to pre-book )

Jersey  - Glasgow direct   Depart 11.55am ( arrive Glasgow 12.30pm ) £93 single / £195 return including all taxes.  ( allow 1 hour check-in time )


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Forgot to mention :    Easy Jet   Jersey to Glasgow.

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Yes other posters are correct, there are no direct flights, a friend went to Glasgow recently the route was Rennes Sothampton,  Southampton Manchester,  Manchester Glasgow, unfortunately there is a fair amount of waiting around time. And it's with flybe so not that cheap.


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Hi Small Chick,

If sorting the flights out is all getting a bit confusing I'm sure the following link will make you aware of what to look out for and almost certainly ease your stress.

Best of luck.




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Have a look at British Airways. Paris - Heathrow then Heathrow - Glasgow. TGV to Paris with an Air France shuttle bus from Montparnasse to either CDG or Orly. It is probably as cheap as Flybe with their 2 changes especially if you book in advance and they run every day all year round.

My son travels this way regularly to and from Aberdeen. There are several flights every day with good connections at Heathrow (all Terminal 5) he gets the TGV from Guingamp just before 7am and is in his flat in Aberdeen by 7pm latest. The bonus is that if there are any delays and you miss the connection, BA will put you on the next flight. It's only happened once to our son and he got bumped up to first class

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I do this route regularly, correct there are no direct flights,most ecomonical I have found is Ryanair from Dinard;

Ourward journey, ( assuming no delays etc) evening flight Dinard to Stansted then catch the last Easyjet flght to Glasgow, arriving Glasgow approx 10.30pm, then if necessary the airport bus which is just outside the main terminal runs every 10-15 mins to the city centre, stops off at both Central and Queen Street railway stations then terminates at Buchanan st bus station, no booking required and costs 6.50.

Return journey, depending on time of year Glasgow to East Midlands then Dinard - good timings, leave Glasgow approx 7am with Flybe, Depart East Midlands to Dinard Ryanair approx 12noon.

Rest of year, Ryanair Glasgow to Standsted, 10.25am, then Stansted to Dinard Ryanair around 4pm .

 Good Luck !





small chick 1439813394

Omg  I can't believe all the help that you have all very kindly offered !  Thankyou so much to everyone. It has certainly made this a hell of alot easier in what is a very upsetting time for a trip that is unexpected and under sad circumstances.

Thanks again !

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Which airlines fly from Dinard to UK (e.g. Southampton, Bournemouth, or Bristol)???

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Nantes - Gatwick then Gatwick -Glasgow -- easy jet 287 euros

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