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Following on from a previous post of mine.  Have any of your children studied at a university other than in the UK or France?  We are looking for somewhere that teaches in English and at an affordable cost i.e. something similar to France.  My daughter is British although she has lived in France for 10 years and is not currently entitled to a bourse.  She has looked at some universities which are affordable but because she is not a resident of that country the price shoots up out of our reach.  

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heureux 1453367392

My daughter studies in Budapest, in English, but costs are similar to UK ie €11000 p.a. + accommodation etc.

Dibbyspot 1453370507

In Belgium and Netherlands many leading universities teach in English and positively want English students. I beleive the university of Mastricht charges €800 a year in fees. In all cases the accomodation etc is in addition but friends with a daughter at Bristol are charged £500/week for accomodation in term. All the fees should be the same across EU to EU citizens. I beleive that the Norweigan Universities also teach in English but not sure on the costs.

In a previous thread I saw that Scottish Universites do not charge but you need to check yourselves on that. I think it is great your Daughter is looking at a non UK University it should make employment better. Sadly many UK Universities are not top rate but charge as if they are. Many employers will only recruit from "Russell  Group" universities or from another elite group.  So it can be important where you go is related to the skills of the University eg Warwick/Southampton  for Maths. 

chèvrefeuille 1453370589

Have a look at Maastrict, most of the courses are available in English and fees are negligible. Milan is a completely English language university as well.

Busted 5 1453415571

German universitys are very good as well , A friend of mine works in the European patents office in Munich and his daughter goes to Uni in Munich , its very good cost wise and she gets a bursary..

tinabee 1453503430

Another option in the Netherlands is Utrecht - a great place for students

Sabjack-431694 1453555156

Find out if your daughters uni does Erasmus, which is doing a semester or two in a foreign  country and they only speak english whilst beeing taught.

valbonne-home 1453555664

3rd generation Texas A&M graduate. Costs are dear, +30000 USD per year, but well worth it.

A US degree will far surpase another, anywhere in the world.

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