Vegetarian Option for French School Dinners

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The secondary school that our daughter will go to next year has refused to offer a vegetarian option for her at their canteen.  An internet petition has recently been launched by MP Yves Jego, mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, to campaign for the right to a vegetarian school dinner option. The petition has already gained 130 000 signatures out of a desired 150 000. If you feel in agreement, please would you sign the petition and then share the link on your social media networks.├ęg├ętarienne-obligatoire-dans-les-cantines-scolaires 

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FreeSpiritSmallHolding 1442491163

If you're on facebook, there is a group that may be able to help - as by law vegetarian children should be catered for;
Association Végétarienne de France

We had the same problems that school (primary and secondary) wouldn't give a guarantee that they could offer veggie options, so they said I could bring in packs of veggie burgers etc....I still had to pay full price, even though on many occasion there were no side dishes as even green beans would be cooked with meat/in a meat sauce....we opted to switch back to lunch at home, as even though hubby is French (so no problems with communication), trying to explain veg cooked with meat, esp where meat had to be picked out of the dish, is NOT veggie was just too much for the chef to take in.

Hoopoe-645982 1442493304

Yes, we have the same problem at Primary too, they just don't get it. My daughter brings in her own dinner but in a way I feel it endorses their unwillingness to change. A difficult one.

Yet Another 1446120069

May I ask if the school is private or public?


AQ-417490 1446120382

It is not that many years ago in France that vegetarianism was regarded as an ailment and people were sometimes referred to psychiatrists.  Progress is slow.

geegee42 1446121053

More and more French are becoming vegetarian, eventually most meat will be too expensive to produce anyway so we will all be veggie,we had same problem with one of our daughters,who ended up mainly on the fish based lunches,a lot of the problem over here is the state legislates, but no one actually makes sure its enforced.

Hoopoe-645982 1446234598

The school is public.

greenandpleasant 1451923844

Apologies, I know this is an old post now, I'm a bit behind!

Just for info, I live near Vannes and our local council has asked for ideas as to how they can become more sustainable and "green" after the recent COP21 summit in Paris.  I made the suggestion that a Vegetarian meal option could be offered in school canteens. You can read my entry here ;  If I have enough positive votes, they will consider if it is feasible to implement my suggestion (so if you agree, you're welcome to vote for me too!)  Apologies if I've breached any rules by posting this, I thought it was relevant to the discussion :-)

jeanneashcroft-407856 1451930902

You might like to contact the association L214 who campaign tirelessly for the better treatment of farm animals, and who also have meetings all over France, with frequent vegetarian meals organised.

You never know, they may be able to help, and will certainly be sympathetic.

The proceeds from the last horse show organised here  [22160 St Servais]   in 2014 went to them.

greenwayjo 1451939467

I had to get a docters note saying she was vegaterian ,so she can bring a packet lunch , how crazy is that


Anonymous 1451993017

What's crazy about it?  You got the result you wanted without having to change the whole system to suit a minority interest.

Hoopoe-645982 1452000801

Oh I have only just seen your post and I have just visited the link and it is too late to vote! How annoying. Sorry, anything further like that, let me know!

Hoopoe-645982 1452002132

... to 'Greenandpleasant''s post, I mean....

greenandpleasant 1452008374

Thanks for looking anyway - it has only been closed in the last day or so, and I think it's good news as it's now been considered as a firm proposal.  Which is really positive!  I did already sign the petition you posted a link to and hope your daughter manages to sort something out for her new school year. 

Hoopoe-645982 1452036449

Thank you.

candid 1452122305

diabetic and coeliac children have the same problem with school meals.The canteens cannot be expected to cater for all diets.Packed lunches are the answer really.

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