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My 17 year old son has just started a bac pro aqua culture at lycee.  He now needs to find a stage for 1 month next June.  One of the suggested places to go is Vivipare at Vern Sur Seiche.  Unfortunately we live too far away for him to commute each day so he will need accommodation and meals.  He can take his bike and so can cycle there from his lodgings.  He has asked to see if he can get some aide for his lodgings but was told "no".  I will be able to pick him up so he can come home each weekend.   I am looking for somewhere he can stay but obviously cost will be an issue. Thanks

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Look for b&bs, talk to the uni's in that area as some have rooms to rent for stages. Look on leboncoin to see what's available. Before you book accommodation make sure he's accepted on his stage. Maybe look for alternative stages closer to home as well.

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Vern Sur Seiche is on the Chateabriant Rennes train line as well as well connected by bus on Star so it may be possible for you to look slightly further afield for digs as there are such good transport links.

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