Well done George (Asda)!

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Anyone else use their international delivery service for clothes?  Any size order delivered for just £5!!!  I placed an order via the internet on Sunday and it's arrived today - just two days! In fact, any order I've placed has never taken longer than five days. An excellent service and I highly recommend it to all expats! 

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dozygirl-10045474 1438708676

Used them a couple of years ago.  Excellent service.

mazdamx5 1438765827

I agree excellent service, so are marks and spencer and debenhams though, both of these are delivery free over a certain amount too.

nag champa 1438771589

agree, excellent service from Asda, especially for basics and kids clothes, usually do a rentree shop with them.  Used to us M&S but then they stopped delivering to France from the UK and i found they didnt have the same range on the French site...plus much more expensive.

Watty-794352 1438778547

On this subject I must say how pleased I was with the service from Cotton Traders.

Goods ordered Saturday afternoon

Received Tuesday

Two items returned to Cotton Traders (by post) Wednesday

Credit card reimbursed Friday



Iguana Rock 1439050160

Debenhams seems a little slower than George at Asda. I ordered a 3tog summer quilt on Friday 31st July and I've not received it yet. I emailed Debenhams to enquire and was asked to wait until 17th August befor contacting them again. That seems along time to me. Summer will be over before I get it!

perrypaws 1439071603

Marks and Spencer France are offering free delivery on 2 to three days express at the moment so ordered a few things today at no extra cost,can't lose really and enough choice to please me.

John Rodney 1439085573

My experience with M&S France was not good.

Wrongly sized articles and poor quality, stitching and finish.

On top of that I had to pay the postage on the items I returned.

Overall not a good deal.

Iguana Rock 1439206587

I've never been a M&S fan anyway (other than their food) so wouldn't buy anything from them. I'm still waiting for my Debenhams order from July 31st. I wish Matalan would send to France!

LindaNorton 1439210203

I waited 2 weeks for my first Debenhams order in April but just a week for another order in July.  I think they just use Royal Mail who then use La Poste so it can vary.  Can't really complain as it's free postage for orders over £50. I might be prepared to pay for a tracking service if it was offered.

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