Wet weather activities?

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Help! My daughter, her friend and their 3 children (12, 6 and 5) are staying at our holiday cottage near Plouec sur Lie (dept 22) and the weather this week looks to be absolutely dreadful. They know about the local swimming pools but can anyone help with info about any other wet weather activities? All suggestions gratefully received! They're happy to drive for a while to get to places.

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Sarah 1440415155

This might be too far (over an hours drive) but the one place our guests love when the weather is bad is Grand Aquarium in Saint Malo, kids love the 'yellow submarine'.  Really hope the weather does improve for them :(

Kerroux 1440415220

Can't remember the name but there's a sea life centre in Breast.Sure if you google it you will find it.


Sarah 1440415782

Or have a look here, the one in Brest that has been recommended is listed - http://brittany.angloinfo.com/af/281/children-days-out-for-kids.html

Tongsaibay 1440416617

Thanks Kerroux and Sarah - have relayed the info to my daughter (no interent connection at our cottage) and she is very grateful. Any other ideas still welcome!


Live&Love 1440420346

If they are happy wandering around even though wet there are the zoos. Otherwise oceanopolis in brest, at St brieuc by decathalon there is and indoor soft play area also bowling there. 

georgeV-988991 1440441763

To coin an old phrase, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.  When mine were that age we used to find a muddy river bank and they would get filthy, not wearing very much of course.  Kids of that age like to get filthy without parents grumbling.  However do have some protective sheets for the journey home before dunking them in the bath.

Tongsaibay 1440444660

Thanks for your help everyone! GeorgeV - hmm, I can see where you're coming from but I  think that this activity for 4 or 5 hours every day would be a bit much! And my 12 year old granddaughter certainly wouldn't be keen....

luap1 1440493024

Check out this Activity Guide :


you may have to cut and paste the link.

Tilia 1440494406

It is a little over an hour away, but for sheer wow factor, the Maison des Abeilles and the Cite des Fourmis in Le Faouet is always on our list. Up close and personal with bees and ants so that you can see right into their homes. Guided tours via a cassette in english and honey products at the end to take away. http://www.abeilles-et-fourmis.com/

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