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Has anyone done any Xmas markets where they have sold crafts? How do I go about it? I suppose it's (where else?) the Mairie. Will I have to pay, and do they supply tables? Thank you

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cracker-397481 1196445919

Does no one do xmas markets? Hasn't anyone ever done one? I can't be the first surely?

teddy10-402993 1196448811

Try the AIKB (advertise herein or go to their website - AIKB search will get you there) They are having an Xmas market in St Gelven on Sun 9th and will probalby fit in a crafts stall.

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bear in mind that to work most markets in france you have to be fully registered as a self-employed independant commercial, ie you pay into the system, and you'll need your documents to prove that you are.

stupinder-400758 1196462484

Hi Cracker,

weve got a table (3 metre) at Gourin xmas market on sunday 16th. Its cost us 25 euros which they will do us a facture for, and is from 10 am till 7pm. Table and electic are supplied.In the first instance we went to the marie for the details but details for these things are in the local paper too. I beleive that all 50 stalls have been taken now but hopefully this info will help you with what to expect at others...also we have to go along at 8 in the morning to help set up and the stalls are all under marquees to keep the rain off!

stupinder-400758 1196552091

Just to let you know the details for everyone who asked.... Gourin Christmas market is in the main square on the car park in front of the post office, 10am - 7pm Sun 16th Dec...we will be there with lots of goodies including carrot cake and christmas pudding vodka.
There will be 50 stalls and father christmas will put in an appearance so it should be a good day. Under cover so it doesnt matter if it rains. Come and say hello .....we are a friendly lot in Gourin!

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