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My daughter requires a second set of books for her French BAC and unfortunately her friends in the same class dont have their exams at a convenient time for them to share their books with each other.I'm trying to avoid buying a second set of all the books required, so thought I'd try the library, but the local ones are closed until the weekend, so I can't get the answer from them yet and the nearest large library wants 24.50€ to join, so I could just rebuy the books for that.I believe in the UK you can order books at a library that they don't stock. Has anyone ever ordered a specific book in a french library? What is involved in that? Do you just need to give them an ISBN no? Do they charge for this service?Thanks for reading.

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Hello does anyone in the Ploermel area have a pushchair, single or double, for sale or loan for two weeks from May 29th? It's for visiting grandchildren.  I have a travelling cot in very good conidtion that I'd be happy to loan in return. Thanks

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Hi Everyone! I am wondering if anyone on here knows of any play groups or play date groups here in Rennes for English speaking parents, Im Australian and don't have many friends here in Rennes, especially those with kiddies!!  Would love to hear of any suggestions, Thank you so so  much!Laura

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Hi Everyone, My son is looking for a Stage (work experience ) placement with an Ebeniste (cabinet maker) for JUNE.OR with a Luthier ( guitar maker).Needs to be within a reasonable distance of Guemene.Tried all the usual avenues so if anyone knows of anyone we can approach we'd be very grateful.Thanks

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Hi,i am currently home schooling my two daughters who are aged 7 and 4. I am looking for any other home schooling parents who would like to meet up on a regular basis to play and help each other with our vision of home schooling.   We are in the 56 area not far from Ploerdut.  Ideally your child or children will be a similar age or older. Please no comments about home schooling or the french educational system, I'm just looking to share our experiences. Many thanks. 

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Hi all,I am a new mum of a 2 month old, looking for somebody in a similar situation for coffee and/or friendship. In the Pontivy area. I do speak fluent french, but it's not quite the same.Drop us an email if you are interested...

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Hi all , we have a place in collorec which my husband has been getting ready for us to move out to , for the last yr he has been in France he is a plumber by trade but can turn his hand to most building work , anyway my daughter and I are still in U.K. She turned 10 this week is in year 5 primary , I was under the impression that if she started school in France September 2017 she would have a yr of primary to go before starting college/ middle school , however I have since learnt that she will have to go straight to college even though she will still be 10 in the September . So I was thinking would it be best if she goes in April 2017 giving her 3 months in the primary and maybe they will let her stay and re do the whole year as she speaks very little French. Or wait until the September and throw her straight into college ( she is quite a confidant kid ! But stIl !! ) also does anyone know or recommend primary and college schools in the area plonevez du faou , carhaix , huelgoat that offer good support and would happily send their kids there ? Or ones to avoid don't mind if it's a catholic school .  The collorec primary is a private one and say she won't be able to go there in April , nearest is plonevez they will take her If we decide to give her 3 months in primary . Thankyou in advance for any help given .

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Hi; my daughter's just got a job working in Carhaix hospital for the next month, and urgently needs temporary lodgings.  Anyone in Carhaix able to help?  Please contact me asap if you can - the early morning parental taxi service is suffering!

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My Mum is coming over to us for Christmas for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, she has trouble walking far so I am looking for information about borrowing or hiring a wheelchair for her visit. Does anyone have the nformation about this or have one we could borrow? It must be a fold up type so we can get it in the carwe are in area 22 a few km north of Loudeac. 

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LAST FEW PLACES REMAINING FOR CHRISTMAS MARKET - La Cheze Christmas Market - Manoir de la Grange, La Cheze 22210- Sunday 27th November 2016 For a place call Dawn on 0649 887250Don't miss this years  greatchristmas market  Sunday 27 th November . Great atmosphere  supersetting in grounds and out buildings of the manoir La Cheze,father christmas,pony rides lots for kids .mulled wine and mince pies christmas carols withchatimore.lots of stalls selling christmas gifts and food .

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Hi everyone. We are looking for an English speaking person to look after our 2 young children on Wednesdays in St Gregoire - near Rennes. My son is 6 and my daughter is 3.5. They are both fluent in English and need someone to practice with them. Hope you can help us. Cecile G> 

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I think it is nuts, my Step Daughter, (French) has to get up at 0600, for my wife to take her to catch the bus at 0700, to get to the Lycèe to start at 0800. And return home at 1830.Why the much to long holidays, which even the kids are sick, bored with, why the Wed half day.Who does it benifit?,The kids, don't think so, parents?Teachers, maybe. I think so.9-4 seems far more practical, with less holidays et.,A 12 1/2 hour day, come on.The Lycèe she is going to is second to none, ABSOLUTELY no complaints there, it's just the ABSOLUTELY 'nutty' hours

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Just to advise anyone with children wanting to study at uni in the UK that we have successfully applied for a bourse from the French authorities. The bourse is means-tested so not everyone will actually get it and I believe that  the higher education establishment has to be of an approved type. However it's certainly worth trying as, if you get approval for the bourse and then your child gets a mention tres bien in the bac, they are eligible for an extra merit bourse which is currently 1800 euros a year. You apply using the standard CROUS online application; once you get to the part with university listings there is an option at the bottom of the list for study in another Council of Europe and this is the selection you have to make. You can check on the Crous site whether you will be eligible and if so, how much you will get. Assuming you get a conditional award, you have to wait till your child starts at university and send in a translated copy of a certificate of registration and a stamped and signed copy (by the university) of the conditional award notice. Hope this is of use to someone as I know that it is time to start thinking about university applications; the bourse might make a difference to your  child being able to go to the UK if you are eligible Karen  

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Hi, I'm a British student living in Brittany and am hoping to go to university abroad (Europe or Asia). As university fees are expensive, I was looking for any type of bourse that would help me for a long period of time (4 years abroad). CROUS only give out bourses to study abroad for a maximum of 9 months. If you know anything about bourses that could help me (British nationality but have been living in France for 9+ years), please help!!Thanks, Ellie

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Have heard something going on this Sunday in Gomene?  Friends are on holiday with their dog and had heard something about a dog show....?  If anyone could give us some details of exactly what is going on and timings etc so they don't miss entering their dog.Thanks in advance

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Hi, my 18y son is starting at Rennes uni 2 this sept, the college rooms are all gone ( he was told he had 1 but somehow doesn't) the uni gives no help or advise re finding accommodation, not even a list of websites or agents!I am disabled so I can't drive the 3hour roundtrip to view & the budget we have inc his student rent from CAF is about 200€ a month, can anyone help? Temp or longer, or know someone wanting someone to share? Or any info that can help? He tried les bon coin & a few sites he found but no luck. Thanks bye.Aaron 0780400091 or 0233497187 

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My son is 12, has been here since September, wears hearing aids and hasn't made a single friend; becoming very isolate. He's not into sporty stuff or trendy stuff; loves science fiction, reading, warhammer (but can't afford the stuff), computer strategy games, flanimals, drawing, lego... and desperately needs someone to relate to before the whole France thing becomes an even bigger tragedy to him. He has had a very difficult time in school, is really struggling with the language and been badly bullied.Is there anyone out there with a son who might be able to be a friend?may all beings be happy!

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Hello there Everyone! We are an English speaking French - Hungarian family, we just moved here a couple of months ago from Nice to live here permanently and we are looking for new friends arround Paimpol, Plouezec or other nearby villages..:)monikadenice@yahoo.fr

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Hi!We're in central Brittany and wondering where we should go bodyboarding?  Also, where we cab buy some good beginner bodyboards from someone who knows their stuff!Any tips?

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