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Learn how to do CPR, how to treat a baby who is choking and first aid responses, in a friendly environment. With manikins to practice on, and visual aids.  Workshops are held on a regular basis.Held by Nancy West, the only  RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) UK Approved Training Provider in France.For details, please contact Nancy on

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Is it just my situation or does everyone find going up to Grande Ecole / University so complicated?My daughter has applied for various places, some she's been accepted and has places offered and 2 she's not even had the dates for yet. The ones she's been offered want the acceptance letters back with a payment one as much as €2000 up front.We still don't know if she's accepted for a grant for education or housing so don't know if we can afford it yet as they are still processing the application, plus we still don't know where she will go as she's not even received the dates for 2 interviews yet never mind the decisions. It seems nuts to apply for a grant for a school that you don't know if you're going to yet.We can't chase them up as the schools are closed. The 2 remaining schools will be writing with info on the 19th Aug, then we've waiting time for the date, then again for the decisions in the meantime 1 of the schools she's been accepted at, goes back at the beginning of Sept for which she needs to find accommodation and inscribe.How is it possible to make the right choice, without losing a placement for your plan B if you don't get in to plan A?Someone suggested she start the earliest course and drop it if she gets offered the others but then you are committed to a contract for your apartment rental, not to mention the money needed to be paid up front to the schools.What do other people do?

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Hi. Was wondering if anyone could let me know if there are any mother and baby/toddler groups in ploemel ?

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I'm looking for two bikes to buy or rent for 8 year olds visisting for 10 days from 5th August.

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Hello.  Does anybody know where I can buy plastic raincoats or ponchos to help me and three teenagers to be out and about in this unsettled weather please?  We are staying near Ploermel and are planning a trip to Rennes today.

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We will be looking at moving to Paule in Brittany next April. We have a 11 year old daughter and would like advice which will be the best schools in the area.  I have read that the private schools are better due to spending more time with them on a 121 to help improve their French.  I would prefer if it wasn't a boarding school and she came home every evening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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hi we will be spending the summer starting in may in lothey near pleyben/chauteaulin/quimper.  i have a 1.5yr old girl and would love to meet other local mums for walking, talking swimming or anything! or find any groups i could take her too. my french is basic but i would be happy to go along to anything french speaking or not.any ideas, links or contacts welcome..thankssuzie

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Just curious about others experiences.French stepdaughter, 14, was on her colledge trip to the UK last year.The kids were hosted in homes, where the hosts are apparently paid for taking, in her case, a pair of kids.I was surprised to learn, they did not eat with the family, The grub sounded very basic and for their packed lunch they were provided with one sandwich, two bits of bread, no butter a slice of cheese.Most of the pocket money we gave her was spent on "suplimenting" her diet.It just sounded a bit of a minimal hosting exercise.Other parents had similar reports from their kids.When I was in Scotland, my son, 14 at the time went to Brive France on an exchange, arranged by my Rotary Club, he had a good time with generous hosts.The French lad came to us and I think enjoyed it, certainly his parents asked if he could come again.Just seems odd that being paid dosn't seem to improve the hospitality.She is off to Rome next week, she adores pasta! that could be a good start.

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Has anyone used Lingoo for hosting/exchange of children.  Would be interested to find out if you were happy with them before I go any further.Thanks

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Hello all, My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding for this July 25th in Pont Scorff near Lorient. We've used the forums here and have been overwhelmed by the fantastic responses this community gives. Our wedding is a small family wedding, however our families have 14 young children under the age of 10 years old (most are actually younger than 5). We are hoping to find some child minders for the day and night of our wedding on July 25th, and potentially for a few days around that, to essentially act as an on-site creche. Does anyone know of child minders in the Pont-Scorff/Lorient area who would be interested in this type of work? We would also like to find a magician or face painter for one of the days of our week long holiday to keep the kids entertained. Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance, Roisin and Brian

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Hi I am moving to ploemel with my husband and 14 year old daughter in March, we have been thinking of moving here for a couple of years and finally taking the plunge now. My main worry is finding a good secondary school for my daughter. Has anyone with teenagers got any advise for me where schools are concerned. Would much appreciate any advise and tips. Diane

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Dear Anglo, I hope somebody can help me, we have recently moved into the Peumerit Quintin/Rostrenen area,my son is 18 years old and I am looking for any teenagers who could show him around the areas and introduce him to any local clubs, colleges etc. He is feeling quite alone and in need of some friends of his own age. His interests are, motorbikes, music, going to the gym and socialising, he does'nt speak a lot of French. Please can anybody help. Thanks in advance. Lynn 

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FLORIST AND CAKE MAKER REQUIRED FOR WEDDING IN MAY 2017 dept 22/56 , Bride very keen to get in tough asap. Please message me your details or if you can recommend someone.

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My daughter is trying to think of something to do in Rennes or Nantes for her 16th birthday in a couple of weeks.  She has been ice skating, bowling, laser game and to the pictures.  She has also ridden the "elephant" in Nantes.  I did suggest paint ball but she wasn't keen. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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H all, I am seriously considering moving back to France. I lived in the Limousin for 10 years returning in October 2014, I am in the process of divorcing my husband and we have 3 children together all born in France and still fluent, my french isn't  bad but not quite fluent.  My husband has a very well paid job in Iraq and I have been awarded with his agreement to be paid a very generous amount of child maintenence on the basis of a court order, I have 3 children under 8 years.   I have a few question..  1. In the UK child mainentance is not counted as income and as such not taxable ( my husband has already paid tax at source ) , what is the stance in France? 2. I know of a few ladies in the Creuse who have found employment as Auxillaire de Vie ,  ( care workers) does anyone know of others doing this work and how easy is it to get a position as an ex-pat?  3. I have recently been offered a job and will be entitled to working tax credits  ( child tax credits while i was not working) plus child benefit.  What are my entitlements as a single parent in France? 4. Will the bank who we have been with for 15 years consider me for a mortgage on the basis of child maintenance by way of a court order , I have yet to sell my UK property ? Many thanks in advance for reading and I look forward to hear any relevant replies.      

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Has anyone experience of applying for an EEA family permit  - to allow a non-EU spouse to enter UK for a holiday with a UK passport holder .? I enquired from UK immigration, the permit is not a visa , is FREE and can only be applied for online according to the response .  I spent around 2 hours onlline , answering the searching questions , 'have I had any operations in the UK in the last 5 years, name and address of hospital if answer is yes , date of operation etc etc , then after the iniitial pages are complteted you are asked to pay '£125 non-refundable visa processing fee' and to book an appointmnet to visit the Embassy in Paris ...for a stated FREE permit.  I am tried contacting the Embassy to get clarification on this, but have yet get a response ( over 4 weeks )

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Hi i wonder if i can meet foreigners in Rennes or near by i'm not french and would like to make friends with others "non french" people. irish, british, candadien,.. Anybody there ? :-)

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Question to parents of teenagers. What would your reaction be if your 17 year old daugher's school asked her to watch "Eyes Wide Shut" by Kubrick as their homework? Thanks.

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Anyone know what the rights are to routine medical check-ups and emergency healthcare for frenh resident students who wish to study in another country but in the EU? Eg Belguim?  We are fully registered here. For example, would my daughter still go to the dentist, opticians etc here in the sch hols, or over there. Any what about trips to the GP? Sch hols are only twice a year, so it's a long time to wait if you've got somethign wrong. Would you just have to register for a CEAM each year or do you register in the country of "residence" and in fact would Belguim actually be classified as her new country of residence or would she legally speaking still live with us here? Thanks.

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Hi Does anyone know if there are any care agencies in Brittany similar to those in UK i.e. country cousins? Thanks

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