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Morning , are there any kids halloween events today , last year my two went to Gouarec , but i dont see anything listed ,  anywhere near Silfiac , Gouarec , Pontivy ?   cheers    Ian T

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Hi,Next spring we are expecting visitors who will have a baby with them...What do you guys do for baby/child car seats, travelcots etc etc. It isn't practical for them to bring a lot of "stuff"  with them and we don't have any storage space.Do you borrow from friends, buy on AI, what??

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Hi I have recently moved to Berrien with my family and we are contemplating moving my elderly father out here to live so he is close to us. He is disabled and also has the onset of dementia. At present he receives care in the UK by way of carers coming to his house to aid with showering etc. What are my best options for similar types of care in France. Is it just private care which I pay for?  Many Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a lycee general in Brittany that has any understanding or sympathy in teaching dyslexic students please ?

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Having just got married in the UK despite living in Brittany I was wondering who needs to be notified in France and how. Will it involve getting the marriage certificate translated? Anyone know the actual facts?

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Can anyone tell me where I can take my daughter to get her ears pierced anywhere around the rostrenen area and whether an appointment needs to be made   Thank you

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Can anyone tell me how much is family allowance for 1 child in France please.

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I have a 10 year old child, and will be moving to France shortly, could anyone tell me if you get family allowance for this one child in France , like you do in England, if so how much is it, and who do you contact to receive it, many thanksfor your help.

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My first grandchild will be born in the UK soon and I'm living in Brittany.  My partner does not want to return to live in the UK but I don't want to be separated from my grandchild, I want to be a part of his/her life as we only have one chance to see him/her growing up.  Living here in Brittany can be a wonderful way of life for some in comparison to living in the UK but then, there is nothing more valuable to me than being with family and sharing time that you can never get back once the years have gone by.  In an age of social media I know it is easy to keep in touch and this is a lifeline for a lot of us. My parents played a big part in our childeren's lives and so did my grandparents in mine, I would not swap those memories for the world.  If you were blessed with a first grandchild whilst living in France/Brittany, I would welcome any comments on how this worked out for you.  How do I find a middle ground on what my partner wants/needs and what I want and need in my life.  Any private messages will be tated with confidence.  Thank you.    How did this work out for you when this wonderful event took place? 

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Can anyone recommend a Math tutor for 4eme / 3eme level. Locminé area 56 Many Thanks

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Does anyone out there have any idea how many brit ecpats living im the Morhiban area? 

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Hello we we are a french/english family with 2 boys (5 and 6yrs) just arrived in Lorient, looking to join or start a meetup with other anglophone families to help the kids keep their english and to meet some fellow expats. Look forward to hearing from you.

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My 17 year old son has just started a bac pro aqua culture at lycee.  He now needs to find a stage for 1 month next June.  One of the suggested places to go is Vivipare at Vern Sur Seiche.  Unfortunately we live too far away for him to commute each day so he will need accommodation and meals.  He can take his bike and so can cycle there from his lodgings.  He has asked to see if he can get some aide for his lodgings but was told "no".  I will be able to pick him up so he can come home each weekend.   I am looking for somewhere he can stay but obviously cost will be an issue. Thanks

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Help! My daughter, her friend and their 3 children (12, 6 and 5) are staying at our holiday cottage near Plouec sur Lie (dept 22) and the weather this week looks to be absolutely dreadful. They know about the local swimming pools but can anyone help with info about any other wet weather activities? All suggestions gratefully received! They're happy to drive for a while to get to places.

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I was just wondering if there was any mums in and around the concarneau/quimper region?geraldine 29

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Hello , are their any mums in the area of St.Meen Le Grand please? I see another mum has posted a similar ad, sadly we are too far away! Like a lot of English, my 13 year old son is struggling at school and with the language. He's learning well, but doesn't have many friends. He's interested in PlayStation, Xbox, riding his bike and friends to have some fun with! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi I am trying to find a direct flight from Rennes to Glasgow quite urgently for a friend,but having never done the research on flight stuff i have become overwhelmed by the complicated sites and information offered. I'm totally confused now ! I thought i would be able to find a simple site... can't.. :(  Could anyone tell me where to look,or maybe someone does this trip often,and could advise. Or even co-voiturage if anyone is driving that way ? Thankyou

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Hi we are in the hede area (North of Rennes on the road towards st malo) for a few weeks and we are trying to find some play areas with baby swings etc but can't seem to find anything in the local area. Plenty of larger activity parks but not much for babies.   Does anyone have any ideas?   Thanks   Lewis, Karen and Baby Nella

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Hi all, Hope you can help, we are moving to brittany in easter :-) and need to find a good school for our 3 children. The eldest is 9 middle is 7 and our youngest is 2. So need nursery too. I noticed there are two schools private and public, if anyone can give me some useful information about the schools and the process of singing up. Thanks in advance fred and annika 

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Tracy & David Cotrell ?   anyone know their whereabouts  please - not responding to emails or phones

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