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Anyone else use their international delivery service for clothes?  Any size order delivered for just £5!!!  I placed an order via the internet on Sunday and it's arrived today - just two days! In fact, any order I've placed has never taken longer than five days. An excellent service and I highly recommend it to all expats! 

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Hello My daughters are looking for work during the holidays. Both bi-lingual. 1, 16 year old, L-series student in class Terminale looking to earn some extra money to finance her further education in 2016. She is available for babysitting, help with homework including French/English up to end of 3eme level, cleaning, dog walking, vegtable picking, etc during the school holidays and weekends after September. 2, 14 year old, generale 2nde student looking to boost her pocket money also available for babysitting, help with English/French for primary school children, cleaning, dog walking, vegtable picking, etc during the school holidays and weekends after September. Reasonal rates, trustworthy and reliable. In or around Loguivy Plougras or a bit further if for a few hours. Thanks for looking.

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Hello all, We've been searching for a complex of gites or a chateau in Brittany or Normandy we can use as our wedding venue and that could give us a large family holiday for a week next year. We are looking to house close to 60 guests for a week in either the same grounds or very close together.    Does anyone know of a cluster of gites or a chateau that fits this description?   Any help is greatly appreciated.   Kind Regards, Brian

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i remember as a child staying at my gran,s, her house was one of two with no electric,so used to go up to bed with a candle,the loo was at the bottom of the garden and she would cut up newspaper and thread string through for toilet paper(thought izal was bad) the radio had a big glass battery that i used to take to the shop and change for a charged up on,and a real treat was to go to the butchers with a pudding basin and get cooked pig trotters with mushy pea,s or faggots,she never had a lot,and the rug in front of the fire was made from old sacks with old coats and blanket cut in to strips and threaded thruogh,all of this was in the early sixties,but loved it

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Hi All,Just looking to hear anybody's personal (or those of friends) experiences from Callac, Pougonver and Lohuec primary schools. We live in La Chapelle-Neuve which does not have it's own school, so now have a choice. We are obviously going to visit the schools soon, our oldest son turns 3 in June and I would ideally like to start sending him to school in September for a couple of mornings a week to ensure he starts to hear the language more often and to start socialising, but I would be very interested to hear of anyone's personal experiences with those three schools in particular.Thanks in advance,Sophie

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Does anyone know how I can start Midwifery training please? I am 34 years old and now ready to start training for a Career. Do I need to do basic Nursing first? Where do I start? If anyone has any advice, please post onto here. I would prefer only positive advice please. No horror stories please. Thanks, Goldy.

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Hello, That time of year again .. the grand-children are coming to stay .. As the weather is going to be a bit on the "cool" side next week, has anyone got any ideas for a day out from Josselin .. not the beach .. I know them ..or the Tropical Park at Redon .. The girlsa are 10, 8, and 5 .. If any one can recommend anything that would interest them within travelling distance from Ploermel / Josselin, I would be grateful .. Thanks Rgds Chris

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Dear all, I know this is all very last minute, but we're hoping someone out there may have a brilliant idea, suggestion, etc. We are looking for inexpensive accoommodation from next week Monday for a week, or maybe two. A simple chalet at a camping would be great, or a mobile home or a small gite, we're open to all ideas, as long as they're within our budget.. Near Audierne, Douarnenez, Le Cap, Quimper, etc, as don't want to be away too far from family, and hubby would like to do some work on our house to be renovated, so can go up and down.Unfortunately our house is (still) not habitable, hence us having to find alternative accommodation elsewhere nearby. It would be for us, two adults, and our 2 young granddaughters, 9 & 10 years old. They are English speakers,, but know a bit of French, we'd love for them to be near other children if possible. A swimmingpool nearby would be a big plus, but we don't need luxury. Thanks a million for your replies, much appreciated, kind regards, Ronan

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hi I have someone who will be taking warfarin, coming to visit for a few weeks from Jersey, which is not part of the EU. Does anyone know how to go about having regular bloods taken to monitor their  INR levels.  or how much it would cost to arrange it privately.   thanks for reading 

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Someone in my family wants to know about places to stay with a young family in Brittany and I remember a place with a lake, chalets, assault courses, horses and bikes but can't remember the name of it!  Can anyone help me out please?    

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Hi, just a request to anyone who has used the pool at Chateauneuf du faou to please sign the petition to keep it open at the following webpage, not sure how to make the link to it, but please copy cut and paste and read about the closure and what is happening to your services. It will close at the end of August. Thankyou for your time http://www.mesopinions.com/petition/sports/maintien-piscine-chateauneuf-faou/14627  

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I just thought I would put a posting on to let you know that the pottery painting place The Clay Barn is now offering more activities. They now do glass fusing courses and Decopatch, (decorating card board supports with really cool special papers).  They can also offer mug printing, you can put a photo on a mug or do what I did, my daughter who is 4, drew a picture for her mum for Mothers Day and this was transferred to a mug.  I was speaking to the owner and they are planning to do the same thing on T-shirts this summer.  You can also buy some lovely hand made jewellery which isn't expensive. Worth a visit    

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there

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Hi Does anyone know of a UK-based family who may be interested in hosting a French friend of mine and her nearly four-year-old son. Her name is Melanie and she is a 38-year-old teacher who lives in Binic in the Cotes d'Armor department. She is really keen to improve her english and for her son too. We meet up once a week for conversation (sometimes with her son too) but she feels that living with an English family and experiencing the culture would really help. Ideally she would like to stay for two weeks from around July 5 but would probably still be up for it if it could only be a week.  If there was a family who had a child of similar age to her son that would be brilliant as she thinks it might encourage his english - he already knows quite a few words. Of course, Melanie is happy to pay any family that could be found but is equally happy to do a reciprocal exchange. I cannot rate her highly enough - she is a great woman... enthusiastic, friendly, vivacious, kind and helpful and she has a good sense of humour too. I know she would easily fit in to any family environment and would probably end up becoming a good friend - as she has with me and my family. (Unfortunately I haven't been able to find someone to host her which is why I'm putting out this appeal.) Her son is also a lovely-natured, polite, friendly little boy. If you can forward this request to anyone in the UK whom you think may be interested I would be really grateful. Her email address is melanie.balzon@orange.fr Thanks for any help you can give. Kind regards, Rebecca  

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hello does anyone know of any nice chalet campsites with a heated pool open before the summer season? Its for this weekend, 3 kids, 2 mums! Anywhere about hour and a half from Rennes..... Thanks!!

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We are having some visitors next month and would like to take them on some visits to gardens, museums or any where interesting if you have any suggestions please. We are based in the 22 aera and will be traveling around on motorbikes so distance is not to much of a problem. Thanks.

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Hello all Our French neighbour is having a baby soon, we would like to adhere to any French customs regarding this event i.e. Gifts etc. Any info gratefully received. Thanks & regards Johnee

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Hello all, Well the title says it all really. We’re an Irish (me) French (him) couple with two children; a girl of 3 and a boy of 2 and we are moving to Vannes this week. I’m surrounded by boxes and general chaos as I write :-)  We have been living in the South-West for the past 6 years and are thrilled to finally be moving to Brittany. For the moment, we have rented a house not far from the Clinique Océane in the north of Vannes, and from there we hope to get a feel for the place and decide where to buy. Anyhow, the point of this post is to say hello and to ask for advice from people in the area on how best to meet people in Vannes as we know no-one in the area. I’ll be heading to a local playgroup pretty much immediately, so for the kids we should manage ok, but if there are any friendly souls out there who would like to meet up, or point us in the right direction for meeting people, we’re open to hearing your thoughts!

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The main road in La Cheze adjecent to the 'Lake' there is a crossing which leads up to the School, regularly used by parents. Has anyone noticed that the flashing warning light is obscured by tree branches!. ?

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Hi Does anyone know if any of the schools in Pontivy teach lessons in English? We are moving to France and my son has limited French at the moment (but happy and will be learning French).  However, it would be great if there is a school he could start that does lessons for English speaking children or teaches in English. I dont really know how else to put it.  I have contacted a few places in Pontivy but had no response, so feel a bit at a loss at what to do. Many thanks in advance for your help. Kelly

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