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hello,  My Brother and wife are visiting for 3 days commencing 11 th May.  Plenty of places to go if it is dry but if raining where can I take the any ideas welcome.  He is an inside bowler, paints.  This about the fifth time I have seen him in 40 years so any help really gratefully appreciated.  

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Hello   I am a bit out of touch re this so does anyone know what the going rate is for babysitting please, one young child

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Hello everyone! Can anyone recommend fun places to go with our 6 year old daughter when we visit in May and then again in the summer?  Been so busy renovating our place over the last few years that we've not had a chance to hunt out some good kid places to take her, apart from beaches.  Places like zoos, parks, aquaparks, kids play places?  We're based near Guemene sur Scorff so pretty central and happy to travel all around.  She does miss company of other kids when we are over so am keen to find some fun places to go! Any recommendations much appreciated. Thanks!

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We are in the process of selling our house in Canada, and have put a deposit on one in Lanvenegen, just outside Le Faouet, in Morbihan.  Husband is from Le Faouet, and we are bringing our 13 year old son.  He will be going to College Ste. Barbe, in Le Faouet, where his father went.  I asked about English students there a few months ago, and had no response, so I figure he might be the only one - he'll manage, since he has spent the last 4 summers with his grandparents, and goes to French school in Toronto..  My question this time is more general - are there any English families with young teens nearby?  We plan to speak English at home so that no one loses their English, but I know we would like to make English friends as well.  My dad was from Birkenhead, so although I'm born and bred Canadian, I have a lot of British friends in Toronto!  We will be moving in July, as long as all goes as planned. Thanks ever so much!    

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Hi Can anyone help me with the best person or facility to contact regarding further education for my 16 year old son?  At the moment his French is very limited (he is learning, but it's at the beginning stages), so he will need an English speaking teacher.  He is happy to go to a French speaking school or International School. We will be living near Bieuzy Les Eaux, Morbihan (about 20 min drive from Pontivy) and 2.5hr drive from Brittany. Huge thanks in advance. Kelly :)

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Hi, I,m looking for a dressmaker or someone who does alterations to clothing. Thanks     Steve

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We've been living in N Finisterre for nine years now and since our son will be starting Lycée in Lannion in September it's given us the nudge to downsize at the same time. We will be looking at properties within a 15k radius of Lannion and would welcome any comments and or observations that you may have regarding the quality of life we might expect. We're fairly sociable people and have enjoyed joining in with various activities in our present community. Thanks. Otis.

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Hello! We are in the early stages of planning a move to Brittany. I am a Children's Librarian in the UK and love to lead rhyme and story times for babies and toddlers. They are great fun and a good way for parents and children to make new friends. Would there be any mileage in running sessions for British families in Brittany? I could also offer story and craft sessions for older children in the school holidays. We are thinking of moving to the Rostrenen area but have not made a definite decision yet. Any thoughts/advice gratefully received! Thank you, Jan 

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The inspector of education has reviewed 36 schools and intends on tuesday to announce  31 schools which will lose one teacher each,  the result is likely to mean yet more classes doubling up , with the teacher taking two classes at the same time. This is an unusual forum to mention french schools as its unlikely to affect most members. But reducing the amount of teachers has a long term affect to schools education and communities in general. In my opinion Small communities like ours can fight alone. I wonder is there anyone out there who can help our voice be heard. Any experience ? Any suggestions anyone ?  

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There is an event on this Easter Monday for anyone who takes part in GeoCaching or for anyone who is interested in this exciting pastime. On site is what's probably the largest GeoCache in Europe so it's not to be missed! No charge either and it's just a bit of fun and great for the kids to get involved. Doors/gates open about 11:00am Easter Monday. Head for Coat Bras, 22110, Tremargat and look for the signs. Or drop me a private message if you want to know a bit more about it.

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We're a couple in our early fifties, and have lived and worked in France, in Burgundy, in the Aude, in the Gironde, and in Brittany, for over 20 years, so we know it well. Recently we bought a renovation project in Douarnenez, in the Finistere, that we hope to start work on this year. Two of our 4 children live in France too, our son with his girlfriend lives & works in Paris, our daughter and her family in Douarnenez, hence us buying a property there. Our other 2 children and their families live in Ireland. In total we have 7 lovely grandchildren, ranging from 1,5 years to 9,5 years old. Our family is multi-lingual & multi-cultural; French, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Portuguese.  Apart from a nice glass of wine, (we're not much into drinking), we do love home-cooking, fresh food, and dinnerparties. Other interests are all things artisanal, home made jams, languages, reading, films, stand-up comedy, photography, the Internet, etc. We love French culture, but also British, and Irish culture, and are always interested in other cultures, especially in their food.  Although we are fluent in French, (we speak French with our French children), we would love to occasionally speak English as well. Hence us being curious whether there are any English speakers in our area?  Thanks for your replies, have a lovely day, kind regards  

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Hi, I am a young mother near pontivy 56 i am finding it really hard to meet other young mums or nice people. I dont normally have a problem but i feel so outcast here. I was wondering if there where any young mums that would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat or young women (I am 35 by the way)  if i dont get out soon I will implode lol .xxxxxx

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All you Mums out there.... Hope you have a lovely day !

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Our daughter will be starting at the Law School in Rennes this September and we're looking for an apartment for her in or around the Thabor - Saint-Hélier - Alphonse-Guérin quartier or within an easy bus ride of the Law School. Ideally we'd like a T1 studio with kitchen and private bathroom.  Anyone know of any reputable agencies or does anyone have anything like this available ideally from the end of August?   Many thanks  

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Does anyone have information on the club de vacances linguistiques de « Funcoast World », à Skegness ? I’m french and it’s for my 2 daughters (13-14) in July. They love and practice dance and I found a intership with english lessons too. What about it ? Thanks.

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A fun afternoon is on the cards with Tres la Vie Assoc.Fun fair ride and candy floss for the children.Stand selling Galettes,Crepes and local cidre.There will be an open stage.Already 2 acts (looking for more)and a small local produce market. More info from Paul 06 89 80 03 91 (English) Remi 06 28 06 10 92 (French)

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The 2014-2015 school year is nearing it's end and the kids are about to move up into 6em. Could someone kindly help with a few College questions? Do all state run Colleges start and finish the same time each day? What are the start and finish times each day? Is Weds still a half day when they move up College? Is inscription automatic when moving from Primiare to College, or does each child have to be enrolled afresh? What paperwork is needed for College Enrolment? If anyone has any links to websites with the above info that would be helpful, have searched online, including under the College names, but can't find any actual detail. Any other info that would help make their transition to 6em easier is appreciated. Email if you prefer. Thanks.

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hi was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere to take my 18 month  grand daughter when she visits at easter a play centre or somewhere similar as oceanopolis is too expensive

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Hi there we recently moved to Brittany... well it was July and feels like we have been here for forever... in a good way!!  Our son is just 6 and settling in really well but he desperately misses his friends in England.  More than anything he misses being able to chat in English to children his own age. It's a bit scary because this is the internet and so obviously full of crazy people, but just wondering if there were any English-speaking families in the Morlaix area with children a similar age.  If so, maybe one day we might be able to meet up somewhere for the kids to play?   :)

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Does anyone have information on the club de vacances linguistiques de « Funcoast World », à Skegness ? I’m french and it’s for my 2 daughters (13-14) in July. They love and practice dance and I found a intership with english lessons too. What about it ? Thanks.

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