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Hi I've finally decided to keep a track of my health reimboursements, but i'm struggling to understand the system. On my RAM letter (cheque attached) I've got a payment to the doctor of 22 euros, then it lists qte=1, taux=70, montant=15.40, obs=T2. On the next line it lists Participation forfai -1.00, qte=1, taux=100, montant=-1.00, obs=x2 my ram cheque is for 14,40 euros I'm assuming montant is my reimboursement and my cheque is 1 euro less because you have to pay 1 euro towards each dr's appt. My query is this: I have another RAM letter/cheque that lists more treatment (inc Dentist) but the cheque attached only covers the "montant" of half of it. HELP!!

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I am thinking of having a mother & toddler group in Quimper(29) on Thursday afternoons if anyone is interested let me know as I need to know if it is worth doing. Cheers Jo

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hello does anyone know the rules and regs for carrying baby milk through customs at dinard ..im due to travel in july and will have a 9 month old ,i know secrurity changed last year and you wernt allowed any drinks through ..is this still the same?...any info will be great many thanks DMC

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Does anyone know anything about homeschooling or anyone who does this? Or the nearest international school in 56? My 13 year old has tried the local school but has not settled in and has been very distressed. Can anyone help?

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Jorja would like to meet you again. After she played with you on the ferry on sunday.

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I posted on ai before looking for a mother or toddler/baby group to go to and had no luck so am wondering if there would be any success in setting one up in area 29?? Are there many mums and young babies about in 29? My daughter is nearly 16mths and has had not a lot of interaction with children her own age and she is due to start school next september (2008) and I would really like her to gain some more social skills before starting. What do the French do? Send them to creche's or assistance maternelle where they get more interaction?

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Does anyone in a similar situation to me meet up regularly or is there a group I could join. I cannot do Wednesdays as I have 3 older children at school that are off on Wednesdays. My baby is 2 months old and if there isn't anything, I would love some help starting something. I live in Mael Pestivien near Callac. Anyone? Goldy

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Hi does anyone know of any french home tutors in area 22 as my two children need extra help with their learning?Thanks

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We're looking into letting our daughter have a Bearded Dragon for her birthday. Got loads of info and help so far - but - checked at our local vets yesterday to make sure he had the expertise to deal with any health probs if one cropped up and he said that I'd need to find a specialist reptile vet. Any reptile owners out there who can recommend a reptile vet close to Chateauneuf du Faou. Not bothered about travelling to get to one -but within reason so that it didn't get too cold or stressed (say 45 mins to 1 hour drive). Thanks. Area 29Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery but Today is a "Gift". That's why it's called THE PRESENT.

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Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy reasonably priced riding breeches for my son but NOT Decathlon? Nothing wrong with Decathlon, but I can't get the size he needs there. He's wearing age 14 at present which are far too short for him and although I had an online newsletter saying they do aged 16, went to St Brieuc on Saturday and none there. Small man's size is too big in the body as he's very slim and we even tried ladies' but the fly was the wrong way round and being a 13 year old boy he wasn't very taken with the idea anyway! This is now becoming urgent as the ankles of his present ones are up round his calves and that's with the waistband pulled right down tiil he's almost suffering from builder's bum!! Any suggestions gratefully received Karen & Graham

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I have my two grandchildren visiting soon aged 3yrs and 16months. Although we take them to some lovely places I would still like them to play with some other children. Are there any groups or like minded families with the same idea. We live in Lanvallay, nr. Dinan. Chris Young

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I'm french from Brittany and work in Italy. An italian family with two kids aged 6 and 8 is looking for an english family to welcome their oldest son for about two weeks. He understands english and need to practice. They could then welcome a child of the family for holidays in italy. They would like then to make a language exchange every year. They have the idea to send the youngest boy in a french family. If you know someone who could be interested, please let me know.

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looking for club or childminder for 2 children aged 9 and 6 for 3 wednesday afternoons per month from 13h till 17h around La Feuillée salut!!

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Looking for an assistant maternelle in the La Feuillée area for childcare .E mail me direct for more details.salut!!

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My friends daughter and a friend are going to Jersey for a few days in the spring. They want to travel one way with an adult and the two 14 year old girls return to france on an earlier boat. Can't get any joy from HD on line (no option for children alone) Anyone know anything about this? Thanks

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Bonsoir! I have friends coming over on 15th Feb for a week who have two girls aged 3 & 5. Not having any kids I am rather stuck as to suggestions for "things to do" at this time of year...... any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!! We are located between Lamballe & Dinan in 22.... Many thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in or around Malestroit please. I know we're not allowed to post on here so i would be grateful if someone would take the time to email me. Thank you. saffy

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My daughter in law is coming to stay in may i would like to buy a second hand travel cot, blankets, car seat. I live 5 mins drive from ploermel so i dont really want to be travelling a long way to fetch them. Thank you please email if anyone has anything.

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Bonjour, I am full of the joys of spring today. I am 50. It certainly does feel a bit different this time. The postman brought me some birthday cards and how's this for efficiency; an invitation for mammogram, starting with ladies who are 50! You can't beat the health service here can you - it's spot on. nymphaea

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Can anyone recommend an osteopath in the centre 29 area? My baby needs to go and consult for a flat head, and would prefer to go to one recommended as I know nothing about osteopaths! Thanks.

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