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hello or should i say bonjour? Im in the middle of a study for A2 french coursework and have decided to read the subject of immigration in france. I know from my own experiences of living in Brittany, i chose largerly to engage with british culture as a way of staying true to myself..outside of school, i watched british t.v, read British/American Literature and listened to anything but french music. for my study im interested in how other british ex-pats of all ages deal with cultural differences. i'd be grateful for any in put :)

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I know a french lady who is looking for some sort of group to learn english but it must be evenings. Near Callac/Belle Isle/perhaps as far as Carhaix or Guingamp

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I am posting this to see how many people would be interested in coming to a group about family genealogy where we could all help each other and for those who could nt come then we would do it through e mails. If you are interested please e mail me. Beckie

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Hi all, wondering if there's a french version of our UK cubs/ Scouts, as I've a son who'd be very keen at joining. Our area is Carhaix. Thanks for any info

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We are going to be enrolling our children in a couple of months and would like as much feedback re schools in Gourin as possible. Our children are aged 10 and 13yrs

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When are the children off for half term , in area 22, Mur? Is it for 1 or 2 weeks? thanks I x

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Hi. Have a house near Langonett and are moving over there in June with a 3 and 5 year old. Need to sort out Maternelle for them and wondered if anyone has advice or recommend which to go to.... considering around the area as well as Le Faouet, Gourin etc Thanks

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Our daughters school has given us a questionnaire to fill in about her medical history. One of the questions they have asked is when did she receive her DT vaccination. Can anyone tell me what a DT vaccination is?

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We are considering moving to this area and wonder whether anyone has experience of the schools in Quimperle for a 9 and 12 year old. As neither speak any french do you think that they would ask for them to stay back a year until their French improves ? Thanks Julia

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MY 5 year old has alot of trouble speaking English and I believes has a speech problem which runs in my family. Every professional person I have spoken with tells me it is because he is bilingual (we are a bilingual family, we speak English in our home, my husband is French) and it will get better and dont know if this is true. are there any speech experts or therapists out there who may be able to help me figure out how to help him? Or do you know of an English speaking speech therapist? I have been to see a French speech therapist but she looked at me like I was crazy and said he was fine, this is because his French is much better than his English is at this point, he needs help expressing himself in English. It is not a major problem but I would like to get him some help nonetheless. thanks in advance I am in dept 35

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Could anyone tell me if they have had a homebirth whilst here in France and, if so, how it was for them.

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Can anyone recommend a cheap and cheerful hotel in Paris for a family of four, please? We are thinking of visiting either at half term or Easter. Thanks Cheshirecat

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Has anybody had treatment over here for kidney stones? If so, what form did the treatment take and how did it go?

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Having seen Mayenne 53's success with asking for girls names suggestions, i'm jumping on the bandwagon for ideas for a boy. Parents Brits living in France full time... all ideas gratefully received for a name that will work in both languages. We didn't have a problem with our daughter but it seems more challenging for our fils! Thanks, Jo

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The Connexion newspaper is looking to speak with British expatriates who have enrolled at university in France. We are doing this to make a comparison between the way student life is financed in the UK and France, in terms of fees, grants, loans etc. Please contact Tony Todd on 04 93 08 31 03 or reply to this post if you would like to contribute to this story. Thanks tony Tony Todd

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Can anyone help Caroline, a teacher i know? Contact me direct if you can, Cheers bonjour, pour ma classe, je cherche le livre "spot goes to the circus" de Eric Hill aux éditions Puffin merci Caroline Cordialment

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My 11 year old is struggling understanding french verb tenses.... what they are all for, the literal meanings etc. Is there a good book for kids that explains this in a non-jargon/ grammar way? )I live in hope!)

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Are husbands allowed in the operating room? MY sister in law (who is French and lives in France) is scheduled to have a C-section on Wednesday and she doesnt know if her husband will be allowed to be in the operating room...I was wondering if any one out there has ever had a scheduled c-section in France and if the husbands are allowed to go in? I keep telling her to just ask but she is shy to ask!! she doesnt want to bother the dr! I am pretty ssure that in the US fathers are definately allowed in but she thinks here in France they are not allowed in. thanks!!!

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Is anyone flying from Manchester to Brest for the School hols, at Easter? LCC schools finish on the 4th April and go back on the 21st April, not Easteras usual. My grandson wants to come over he is 14 and has only flown once to Florida in 2001. He is saving to pay for himself, so would anyone help by taking him on and off the plane? Of course it is not a cert yet, it depends on his savings. Dorothy

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