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Hello All, Have a few baby things for sale. All in beautiful condition and not very old. As new! Cradle swing, please click below -- 75euros http://www.1stbabyshop.co.uk/catalogue/swings/29.php Mothercare Portland Crib-- 60 euros http://www.mothercare.com/gp/product/B000M4XMPO/ref=sr_11_1?ie=UTF8&mcb=core A stunning pram. Quick release big wheels. Cream and checks. 2 different seats-1, lie flat 2, upright seat. Hard to explain but I can send you a pic. Has no website where I bought it so just my own pic. I bought for £379. I want 300 euros for it. Baby bath. Sits on top of a normal bath -- 5 euros Mothercare Changing table with 2 shelves underneath -- 75 euros I am in area 22, Bourbriac My landline is currently out of order at the mo thanks to bloody TELE2 so contact me on 06 77 565 272 I will deliver if not too far away Thanks Amy

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We are looking at moving to France full time next year, this will mean our 8 year old daughter will have to be thrown in at the deep end by joining a French school. Whilst our French neighbour is a great help as she is an English teacher plus her daughter is 8 and both girls already play together! I would like to know how other children have got on moving from a UK school to a French school?alandeej

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Is there someone qualified in area 56 near to Josselin in counselling and perhaps clinical hypnotherpy to help out a stressed sole at the moment who has difficulty adjusting so has sleeping issues

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Bonne Annee a tous! Promised a French friend of ours who couldn't get her two kids into the garderie at school I'd take her two boys (Elvis 9 and Romaric 3) to our house for lunch and keep them until she'd finised work at about 6'ish this evening. We just thought it would be terrible if she missed some work just because she couldn't get the boys looked after. They turned up this morning at 7.30, Les, my husband, took them to school with our son Carl who's 9. I brought all three back here for lunch, then will pick them up again later, and said we'd do the same tomorrow!! The house is in hysterical uproar at the moment, I'm sure they're having a great laugh at my French, but its good as Carl is having fun translating for me. Romaric who's 3 yrs old is so polite its unbelievable, although I get the idea he's like this all the time, he's also very cute with it. All three boys love each other's company which is great, as for me its yet another way to integrate here in our village. Next thing is when Tacha (mum) tries to pay me for looking after them, and trying to get through to her I'm only doing it to help her out not to get money from it!! Wouldn't want to do it every day, but its lovely to hear the house so lively with the three boys enjoying themselves. usfiveLaniscat (Dept 22)

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Anyone living there have info/advise/details of schools for a 9 year old. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, any couples out there with young children 4-6 yrs, that have a maison secondaire and holiday near Guerledan/Gourec/Ste Trephine/St Gelven/Mur de B. Fancy meting up sometime in 08 for kids to play and parents to have a chat over a cup of tea/glass of red wine?fi

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I have heard that French dentists are far superior to English ones. But how do the costs compare? Any thoughts please.

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any one now of any nice baby names (in English)

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I would so dearly like to organise a petition to be sent to Mr Gordon Brown, suggesting that he imposes the same Health & Welfare restrictions upon French Citizens, currently residing in the UK, that have been proposed by the French President, towards Brits residing in France. please email me directly

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In the UK I made clothing for the premature babies at the local maternity hospital. It was entirely voluntary. Does anyone know if this happens or is needed here in France?ClementinaChateaubriant

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Hello, Can anyone explain to me what a pot de 'l'amitié is ? My children have their school show this evening, followed by one of these.

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'Red Castle' grey baby sling for sale, suitable from birth to toddler, easy to fit and use. 80+ E new. perfect condition 50 E could also post to you for 6 E salut!!

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Have the grandchildren coming over for Xmas and need a cot or travel cot, either to buy or borrow for two weeks. Please mail me direct. Live near Ploermel in 56. Many thanks, Jayne

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Hi to all Mum's, could I please ask a little advise? Our daughter and family are coming over to stay at Christmas. She has 2 children, one 18 months the other 8 weeks old. Both are in supermarkets own nappies, Sainsbury's and Asda. What are the own brand ones like over here and which have you found to be the best? The same question also relating to baby wipes please. Many thanks in advance. Jayne

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Hello I'm expecting my first baby inMay and will be having it at the hospital at St Gregoire in Rennes I was wondering if anyone had been to ante-natal classes here in France - not necessarily at Rennes - and what were your thoughts. I'm trying to decide whether to bother going or not!!

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Does anybody know a good, kind, gentle, not too expensive dentist in the Guingamp/Lannion/Paimpol areas? Many thanks. Durham Lass

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Hi, I'm looking for a mother and toddler group for my 21/2 year old. Anywhere between Lamballe and St Brieuc. Does anyone know of anything Thanks Jennyjane

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Hi there can someone set it straight for us we have one child are we entilted to any benefit in france, my husband workd full time. We are due to have another next year would we be entilted to benefit then if so how much per child. hope someone can help

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twin cantilever suspension bridge all timber construction with adjustable wire suppirots for timber deck Overall length 4ft 2inches Clear span 2ft 4inches overall width inluding 3 tracks plus maintenance side access 1ft 2.5 inches Prive 120 euros

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I have heard there is a Christmas payment for families on low income. Can anyone help with information please?

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