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Advance notice. Come and join us in Pludono(22) for a traditional family panto 11, 12 1th Jan. Lots of famly fun. Little Red Riding Hood More details and bookings in December Jim

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I'm sure I saw a posting on here the other day about a recomendation for a lady who did English lessons for children. Did anyone else see it? I've searched & searched and cannot find it now! am I going mad, and did anyone else get the ladies' details please?! thanks all...

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I have a 10yr old and a 9yr old who are continually being told by their french friends that "Santa" doesn't exist. While I think that they are maybe a bit too old to believe in him (not sure that the 10yr old DOES actually believe in him - but it's in her interest to keep stum if she doesn't!) - the 9 yr old is continually asking me (with a panic stricken voice and tears welling up in her eyes!) if it's true that it's really mum and dad who supply the goodies. I've tried to ignore it; asking her what she thinks about it all; and, skirting the issue by telling her that Santa is the "spirit" of christmas but I'm not sure if I should just come out with it and say "Hey! You had a great time believing in him - but now's the time to grow up and accept that it's our hard earned coffers which give you your worldly goods!" OR Just let her find out for herself and make her own conclusions (ie: carry on skirting the issue and ignoring her!) Any advice on the best way to go about this because - being a firm believer in Santa myself - I don't want the fun to end in this house and my BIG babies to grow up!Also just curious to know how it happened for some of you lot out there?? Are we a "Virus"?

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I have a lovely english lady teaching my daughter english a few hours a week, cheque emploi she is very good and patient, near to Ploermel. Please email me if you would like contact as she does not have internet at moment

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Does anyone have any of the Ladybird "puddle lane" series for children who are just starting to learn to read? Preferably stages 1 or 2, but anything really. Long shot but you never know! Thanks....

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Has anyone done any Xmas markets where they have sold crafts? How do I go about it? I suppose it's (where else?) the Mairie. Will I have to pay, and do they supply tables? Thank you

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Does anybody know if there is any Hospice type care for people that are in the late stages of cancer, or what support care there is for them and people around them.Thank you in advance for any advice given.

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Hi We are moving to Brittany Jan 3rd with our boys (10 and 4 yrs) We have been told that they have to have a "BCG" injection before they can start school. Can anybody expand on this for us please. Thankyou Many Thanks Nigel

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I have received a letter from RSI inviting me to make an appointment for a medical examination and BCG for my 3 year old. Do I make this appointment with my own doctor, or is there a special clinic I need to take her to? The letter doesn't make it very clear. The letter also says to take her carnet de sante, which we don't have, do I take her "equivalent " book that I had in the U.K? Thank You

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The British Volunteer Network held it's induction day today for volunteers to go out and visit the hospitalised and home bound Brits in need of company, friendship and contact with the outside world. I am just one of those volunteers and I wish to pu on the record the gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Lynn without who's hard work and total dedication to this very worthy charity today would not have happened. If you are interested in finding out more about the organisation and how you can help please contact lynn.labella@wanadoo.fr or the organisation on www.bvolunteernetwork.com we would welcome whatever assistance you could spare us. Thank you regards Ruth

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2 questions. can you bring tins of baby milk to france from uk. also can you get milupa aptamil in france. daughter coming out soon needs to know,thanks

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I am told that there is an english speaking doctor in Combourg. If you know of him/her please email me. Thanks. Sandra

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english speaking footcare specialist near roscoff contact me for detailswendy

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Does anyone know of anyone who is a qualified english teacher who gives lessons to primary, looking for tuition for two boys aged nearly 6 and 7 and a half to keep up their english, needs to be near Huelgoat, Pleyben area 29. sj

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Does anybody have the experience of getting Doctor's Notes from the UK translated here in Bretagne.My parents are moving to Bretagne and at this moment in time do not speak the language very well. They naturally, have years of medical notes that are extremely important to their well being and need to be clear when visiting a Doctor when here. Is there a professional body that is able to prepare a break down of such criteria that people may have heard of. Any thoughts, comments greatly received.Thank you very much.

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Hello calling all ladies. I was wondering if any ladies that had a smear test in france and could offer me some advice. I went for a smear test about six months ago and waited for the results to come through and waited..... and waited..... and waited nothing happened so I went back to the doctor and was told he would chase it up ,in the end a got a small bill telling me that my card vitale and health top up hadnt covered it all,but there was no sign of any smear test result,I showed the doctor the paper and he said as they hadnt been in touch at the hospital everything must be o.k. Have I understood this -It just seems a bit vague. Thanks again

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My husband has been suffering from both forms of arthritus for many years. Up until a year ago he managed to live a normal life, he has just turned 69, and with the miserable Summer we have just had and the cold damp weather now approaching his days are full of pain. I have been on the internet but found mostly adverts for magic pain relief. The doctor can only prescribe painkillers, I know there is no cure for arthritus, I just wondered if anyone in a similar situation has found relief by diet, avoiding certain foods etc. anything which could give some degree of help from this awful condition. Thank you, any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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Hi Everyone I have just come across an article entitled 'Easing arthritis' and it goes:- "BLEND two handfuls of cherries (stones out), two apples and half a beetroot. Add milk and ice for a more economical smoothie. CHERRIES are loaded with beta carotene and carotinoids - cancer fighting properties. They also have high alkaline properties, so are good for tackling arthritis and gout"mary

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I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow for the first time. My main reason for going is that I have chipped my front tooth. What is the procedure when you go to the dentist? I have a carte vitale and top up health. Do you pay when you are there - do you receive an invoice through the post? I have never been to the doctors either so any information would be a great help.

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Teacher offering tutoring in reading and writing in English. Are you concerned about your child keeping up with their peers in the UK with reading and writing? I am a Primary School teacher with 24 years experience teaching in England and Scotland offering support with Key stages 1 and 2. Art/craft lessons also a possibility. Payment by cheque emploi service. I live north of Guingamp. For more details please contact me by e mail.

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