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Hi all, Wondered if anyone can help me. 5yr old son has just had his school medical today and the doctor has referred him for psychomotricite, from what I understand she was saying it would help him with his co-ordination problems etc. Has anyone ever had a child referred for this and can you tell me what it involves? Was it treatment for a special learning need? Can anyone tell me the English equivalent, I thought it could be occupational therapy but my dictionary says no. It's the "psycho" bit that freaks me out a little. Doc also told me this isn't covered under health insurance so does anyone have an idea of cost. Obviously I'll find this out at the appointment but sometimes it's nice to brace yourself. Many thanks from a neurotic mother.

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Good moaning all If you have children or grand-children still believing in Santa Claus, here is his address. All letters will be answered by the man himself (if send now !!)Santa Claus NordpolenJulemandes PostkontorDK-3900 NUUK Take care The Box

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Saturday 17th November the Parents Association of Plouyé (nr Huelgoat) are holding a cake sale in the Salle Polyvalente to raise money for their school. 10.30 - 12.00, 2.30 - 4.30 Come along and have a cuppa!

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Hi all! Just moved from Brighton to near Pontivy/Guemene with 3 and 12 year old boy and girl any other mums want to meet up for coffee/lunch/chat??? Camille camille

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Has anybody ever lost their sense of taste?

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does anyone have any internet links for baby shops in france? 

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Hi Does anyone know of anywhere that will be doing a Santa's Grotto? My little girl is already asking to see him and is NOT convinced by our local village "santa". I'm prepared to travel....... Rennes, Laval even Nantes, but ideally looking for something more like the grottos we have in uk. Thanks

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I have a young married friend who is pregnant and planning to move to France. She could have her baby in England or stay here and give birth in Brittany. I would be really grateful to hear from anyone who has given birth in area 22/56, which would cover, Pontivy, Loudeac or St. Brieuc to hear of their experiences and benefit from any good advice. She will be approximately 5 months pregnant when she arrives here. Thanks.

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I will be moving to Finistere in September, and am due to have my baby in December. I have been told I will have to have a ceasarian section. I will be about 25 weeks pregnant when we move, and don't know who I need to contact first or what I need to do. Can anyone please offer advice about how the system works, what I can expect and who I should be contacting? Also, as my partner will only have just started work here, we don't know if we will qualify for any help with expenses either through a mutuelle or reciprocal agreement. Does anyone have any idea what costs we can expect? Also I think I read somewhere that French hospitals like you to stay in for 10 days after a ceasarian.. how true is this? Thanks!may all beings be happy!

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Does anyone now where my friends can get help with their adopted child who is having severe behaviour problems. They adopted four years ago and moved to Brittany two years ago. They are in desperate need of help and don't know what to do. The child is only 6 but is making their life so miserable. Can anybody help.

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My 3 year old has started school in our local area and is very unhappy. Can anyone please recommend a school in the ploermel area which helps young English speaking children to embrace the French language by speaking to them in both and explaining things to them , instead of leaving them to get on with things on their own, which is what is happening at the moment. I am very angry and disappointed by the attitude at this particular school and am hoping they are not all the same. yours hopefully.

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Hi, not sure if this is the right box to put it in but here goes. I'm trying to trace my cousin Elizabeth(Liz) who moved over to Brittany - about an hour from Roscoff!- 2 to 3 years ago. Only detail I know she moved with husband Graham and daughter Amanda plus 6 cats!!! Me together with Geoff & Zena are keen to re-establish contact as I travel over several times a year with daughter to Glomel area. thanks. pk

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I went to the Intermarche in Combourg wednesday instead of my usual SuperU...I susally spend about 120 euros a week on groceries but this time I only spent 85! I buy a lot of generic brand items I was really surprised at how much I saved. The store was not as nice as the superU, not as well laid out or as nice selection of fish or cheese. Is it just me or is Intermarche generally less expensive?

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Two bags of boys and girls baby clothes. Ideal for the a baby born in the winter as it includes newborn snowsuits and winter clothes. 5€ a bag . 29 near Huelgoat.

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After being kept up all night with my daughter and her awful "bark", i am posting this to see if anyone has any advice should it re occur tonight.At 2am I was searching the net on how to ease her discomfort and having tried virtually everything suggested..steam and fluid etc, nothing worked! She still has a slight "bark" when she coughs, but im not as worried now as i was during the night.So....does anyone have any good advice please?

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There's a mother & toddler group in Le Faouet every thursday from 9.30 till 11.30am.It's free & there is coffee provided.You can find it at 1,Rue Marechal Leclerc.It is in a building behind the Red Cross building,just before the Town Centre.It is a bit difficult to find but well worth finding.There is a PMI on hand for advice,& there are both english & french mums there.

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Hi, Have been here a few short weeks and am having a birthday party for my eight year old son. Yes, I have been crazy enough to invite all his new french school chums. He wants a halloween theme and a ghost cake. I have the recipe but I need fondant icing. Does anyone know where I can buy it from please!!! Have recipe but much too fussy for me. Thanks

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Boys wool blazer size 2/3 years, also Taz waistcoat age 4 but would do for 3/5 Both new 8 euros St. aignan nr mur de bretagne 0297 27 5393

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Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can help me.We will be in Brittany,Finistere area, with our daughter for Halloween.Is there anyone who knows of any festivities or fireworks for the night ,Thanks Deirdre crimsondee

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I am looking for someone who would be interested in coming to the house for an hour a week to help my children with their french . They are both at school and doing well,however they keep asking when they are having french lessons at home?!!! As they are keen it would be a shame to miss the opportunity...they are 7 and 5. We are between callac and guingamp.many thanks

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