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take care find my past is good ,BUT if you use a card for the sub you cant cancel, I had to phone the bank and cancel my card, they will keep taking the money month after month after you have tried to cancel, lots of FREE sites 

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Does anyone know of a company/ individual who would be prepared to transport 2 mopeds between these towns and approx cost? Thanks Tim

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We are the proud grandparents of an adorable little girl, Myla Love Myla Love will be 2 years old on March 10, and she lives with her adoring parents, our youngest daughter Mel, and her lovely husband Stef, in Douarnenez (Finistere) Myla Love was born with a rare syndrome, M-CM, in fact, it's so rare, there's only 3 other cases known in France, and 150 in total in the world. It's called M-CM, and it was only 'discovered' in 2007, so really recent. There's not much known about this rare syndrome, although what is known is that it causes physical & mental delays/disabilities.  Our daughter, who is a journalist, has decided to start  an 'association', M-CM France in France, to create more awareness & understanding of M-CM, Here's the website she has created: http://m-cmfrance.com She has also started writing a blog: http://www.mamanactive.fr Unfortunately for some of you, it is all in French, but we are trying to find the time to translate it all into English, though this can take a moment......  on Saturday the 28th February it is International Rare Disease Day, and it will be a special awareness & fundraising day with a sponsored run, live concerts etc, organised by M-CM France. You are all more than welcome to join in for this good cause, and to have a lovely time doing so! More info & details, please contact  our Mel, she is bi-lingual, so your emails can be send  in English of course @   contact@m-cmfrance.com Also, as we would like to make as much publicity as possible for M-CM France, we would really appreciate if you could join in, and mention, or share this, on your social media  Thanking you in advance for your interest, enthusiasm & support, warm regards, Ronan & Andrea

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Is anyone hoping to get into the international section of the lycée Victor and Hélène Basch?

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I was wondering whether there were any Humanist groups in the Pontivy / Baud 56 area?  If there are, then I would like to become involved with one.  Many thanks. JC

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Hi, Just wondered if anyone has a son or daughter who is at the Uni in Rennes,  would like to know what the accomadation is like and if its ok at night!

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Just read in the classifieds about a man who urgently needs clothes to go to his 2 children's and mother in laws funeral, all three died in a house fire, also been in the paper. He is left with nothing. Is there anyone on this site who can help, I would but I don't have any men's clothes

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We are moving to Concarneau in January and I will be putting my 15 year old son through a homeschool program. Has anyone been involved in the IGCSE system and do you know of any exam centres in Brittany? Any advice at all would be great..cheers.

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We were - and we found it at a knockdown price in the pop up boutique, Seek le Chic's latest opening. BUT, it is only open for the next few days and has appeared this time at Aux Sabots Rouges in Guemene sur Scorff. Maggi is opening from 12 noon to 8pm ove the weekend with an amazing collection of second hand party, and more sober, outfits. (When you go into the bar, walk towards the back ad take the stairs)

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a kids art and craft or toy shop within reasonable distance of Rostrenen? Thanks

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By any chance, did anyone have a child study at the collège Saint-Joseph at Loudéac during the last academic year (2013-2014)?  If so, could you contact me by private email.  I have a question about something, and it relates specifically to last year.  I don't want to get into any discussions on the site, so if by chance anyone did, could you please contact me privately - nothing sinister, just a quick question!! Thanks.

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Hi - my son has been asked by his French Uni to nominate either LMBDE or SMEBA for "social security payments".  He tried asking the admin staff to explain what this is but did not receive a helpful response.  Has anyone else been asked to do this?  Does is matter which he chooses.? Many thanks

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Hi,   We have recently moved to Scrignac (29) and was wondering whether anyone had any experience of the Primary School within the village.  We would be sending our two 5 year old boys.  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks again

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We are looking at buying a house just outside Le Faouet (56) and moving for the next school year, when my only son will be 13.  He has attended French school here in Toronto since maternelle, and spent the last four summers with his grandparents in the area, so language should not be an issue.  He is not thrilled about the idea of moving, so I am wondering a couple of things:  are there any English families with children his age at the College Ste. Barbe (his dad's old high school), and are their experiences good?  Any advice at all is welcome! Thanks very much in advance!

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My daughter is doing her bac this year and has to have an 'une attestation d'exemption pour la JAPD' daughter has been told 'no paper, no bac'. (crazy) Any help please  

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Does anyone know where I can buy traditional wooden toys for young boys. I'm looking for something like a lorry, train, car, etc.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am hoping that someone can answer this question that my sister-in-law has asked me to find out about so here goes. My brother and wife are currently living in the USA, they have dual US/UK citezenship and one son aged 22 who is currently living in the UK whilst on an internship and who will then finish his final year in the UK at University.  However my niece has two more years at high school in the US which coincides with my brother effectively retiring and they plan to sell up and buy a property in France.  My niece who speaks French wants to take a year out and work in France to improve her fluency and then wishes to go to University in France.  My sister-in-law wants to know if she would be still classified as an international student or if they were resident is she classified as a 'French' student for application purposes.  My niece wishes to become a doctor of medicine which is a 5 year course in the UK and prefers to be closer to her parents.  If she does it in the UK then the rule is that she has to be a resident for 3 years or is classed as an international student - does the same apply in France? Any advice on this would be very much appreciated

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  My daughter will be doing four weeks work experience at the patisserie Le Petit Prince in Etel in January/February.  As we live 1 hour away we are looking for somewhere (cheap) for her to stay.    So, please does anyone have any out of season accommodation available, she doesn't mind if the facilities are all put away for the season, she is happy to sleep in her sleeping bag on her inflatable mattress on the floor as necessary.    kind regards Ian  

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This year, hopefully as last year they were unwell, the kids will be going out trick or treating. Does anyone know what they are supposed to say? We have lived here for over 6 years, and this is the first time the kids have gone, they have been too young. I would appreciate your help, thanks.

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Hi - does anyone out there have a teenager at University in France?  My has started at Uni in September, we have never received any corrrespondence from them at all until this week when  we have now received a request for a copy of an "attestation de regime special de security sociale" or a cheque for 214 euros !  I've tried to find out what this is on the Ameli website only to find that my account is blocked, when I request a new access code I am informed that this service is not available,  Neither can I get any useful information from them by phone from the many staff I have been passed around to.  Anyone know what this is please?  Many thanks.

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