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Hi, We are moving over (or at least trying it for a year) next September to a village in between Landerneau and Landivisiau. We have 3 children who will be starting separate schools in 2 different nearby villages. We are at early planning stages and I haven't even contacted the schools yet. I have sooooooooo many worries for the children (only English children in different schools (only for first year), my bad French, their lack of French etc, then I have been reading on the forums about poor children being assaulted by teachers, please tell me some of you are having very positive experiences?? I have heard (from a lovely bar owner) that their are 3 English families living in Sizun, which isn't a million miles away, anyone on-line?? Thanks for reading - worried mum!! Lynnie D

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Hi All our son is beginning his second year at lycée here. He has to board as it is too far to travel daily. We therefore pay all his boarding fees, train and bus expenses, books and tools for his profession, he also has 2 different types of uniform for his chosen profession. We have a micro entreprise and get no assistance with any of this. The allocation rentrée 16 to 18 has to have a form stamped by the school to prove he is still in education but have today written to me to say as he was 18 before he went back in september he will not get this form and has no rights. Has anybody experience of this or of any entitlements at all? I would be most grateful for any information, many thanks;

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http://www.usborne-quicklinks.com/uk/uk_entity_pages/uk_select_page.asp?lvl=1&id=788 i bought the book for my 4yr old and she loves it...the book compliments the site.

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Yet another rant about our children's school problems I'm afraid! Moved here last year and put both children in the local village school. Oldest son (9) hated it and was bullied quite a lot. Younger daughter (8) loved it, but her behaviour for the whole of our year here got worse. Found a lovely (private)school and sent son there in March. Was a much happier child even though he struggles with the work (bit dyslexic!) and is none too keen on the HUGE amounts of homework they get there. New term and everything is up in the air again. Moved daughter to the private school so that I could have them both together and as it has more discipline, in the hope that her behaviour would improve. However - son is having lots of problems with his new teacher. She is harsh, very strict and I think that she tries to intimidate and humiliate children who aren't performing very well or who are out of line. Now he's come home in tears every day. He's feeling sick all the time and has headaches because of her shouting. And, he's crying in class which is making her furious. We're literally having to drag him kicking and screaming into school. Spoke to her on Tuesday and she said that he was a baby and that his writing HAS to get better. I agreed that a 9 year old shouldn't be crying in class and his writing is difficult to read but tried to reason that it would all get better in time and explain that he was scared of her. I took on board what she said and I thought she took on board what I said, but this morning she pulled him aside ranted at him that I was overprotective, he was NOT to cry in class, blah blah blah etc. She was maybe trying to help - but unfortunately, it's just made him nervous again that he's upset her even more. He wouldn't go in after lunch and just kept running back to the car in tears. Now I've got to try and pick up the piecies and somehow explain to her tomorrow that he was ill again (he wouldn't go in on Tuesday either and she had great delight in telling the rest of the class that there was nothing wrong with him). Before we came to France, he was a happy, confident boy with lots of friends. I've never had a bad report from him (because he tries soooo hard to please) and all his teachers loved him. Now, I have a very nervous boy who completely lacks confidence. I've felt sick every day since they've gone back and we're completely lost as to what to do next. Has anyone had similar experiences? I really would love to hear them just to know that I'm not the only one. Should we just cut our losses and return - has anyone else done this? (Even though husband says it would maybe be better to try a different area - or Spain?!) Are there any schools which teach in English in France? (Carhaix maybe?) We would be willing to travel quite far to get them both into a school that they enjoy, but which has a good Educationional standard. I think that I am quite a strict mother, so he's not pampered or mollycuddled, but I can't bear to see him like this. Please - no sarcastic comments.Sharon

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Hi, We are planning to take the plunge and move lock stock and barrel to Brittany. We are only investigating the idea at present and this forum has allowed me to find answers to some of my questions. I know that Long term we will probably love living in France (I love visiting) but although my husband has a good knowledge of French, I do not and we have two children who have no knowledge of French at all. One is going to be 3 next week and the other will be 5 in January. Personally I am petrified but my husband is really excited. I am very worried about integrating into French life and getting the kids settled into a school and how they will feel sudden strange and confusing place. My 3 year old is only getting to grips with English as he is speech delayed but my 5 year old is very advanced vocally and has just started his first term at Primary school. I need advice on private catholic schools and if anyone can give some advice that would be wonderful. Where are the best private schools? When is the best time to get into school. Should we wait until the start of term or are you able to introduce them to a new school mid term? Do private schools wear a uniform? I am so nervous about the whole thing. We plan to come to Brittany in the next few weeks to take a look at houses and make our decision then but any help anyone can give me beforehand would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Olisam x

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My wife and I are planning to move to Brittany in Feb or March next year. We have a four year old daughter who has just been diagnosed as diabetic and was hoping that there may be someone out there in a similar position who could give us some info on the cost of medication etc in France. If you can help us, please send me an e-mail. Thanks.

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As a mother of six children, and a practising teacher, I have no doubt that the national curriculum in the UK fails children. As we are planning to move to France in February 2008, I would be interested to hear of the experiences of others who have moved their English speaking children into the French schooling system.

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As a mother of six children, and a practising teacher, I have no doubt that the national curriculum in the UK fails children. As we are planning to move to France in February 2008, I would be interested to hear of the experiences of others who have moved their English speaking children into the French schooling system.

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Setting up an English literature/language group with preferably a retired English teacher for classes for ages 6/7 to 15/16 yr olds? I would like my children to benefit from English lessons with a retired teacher or ex English teacher concentrating on the language but also to include Shakespeare and other Classic Literature. This would not be solely for the British people here but open to anyone who can converse fluently in English. It would not be to teach English to adults only for children and young teenagers wanting to improve their written English and for those interested in reading English Literature. If anyone is interested in this, or anyone out there is or was an English teacher please let me have your thoughts and comments.

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Thanks to everyone that has replied, but this is her second term at school and we have been in france now for 2 years so i am aware of some of the formalities. I just wondered if there was a school which showed a little more compassion to the very young and relitively lost! Her brother has just gone to college and has had no problems but maybe compassion is not in the french makeup. Thankyou again to

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Hi We are now living in out new home in Camors near Baud. We have two wonderful children girl 14 and boy 16. They both speak great french and would love to meet local french or english kids. They have lots of friends in school but have yet to meet any local kids. This is not the first ad I have placed for this, surely there must be some kids in the area.thankxsam

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I live just outside Baud, in 56 and would like to know if there are any mother and baby groups close by. get your kicks on route 56!!

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Expecting to have a home birth in mars '08, but in case of problem will have to use either pontivy or ploermel without my midwife as she does not do plateau technique - ie hospital work. Had lots of french feedback on the "lottery" of hospital birth, & would really appreciate feedback from people who have used either hosp, re my chances of having a birth plan respected, freedom of choice etc. Suppose PM is required for this subject? thanks in advance

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Hi we are in the final stages of our house purchase in Saint Gilles Pligeaux Its 10 mins drive from Bourbriac 22 Can anyone give me any more info on things to do/places a must see/ We have 4 children but wont be moving to the area full time for about 5 years Thanks

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Does anybody know how much money you get for having two children in france? This is for a friend who is due to move here in a few months,her children are 8 and 6. many thanks

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hi I've just read that kids wanting to start school in France require the TB jab. Is this strictly applied as ours are of primary age and haven't had the jab in Britain. Any advice would be welcome. SB

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Hi there I am new to this forum but a friend recommended I join and ask for some help. I moved over here less than a year ago with my husband and children but he has left me and gone back to England. I just don't know what to do. I am distraught. I don't have a job and I don't speak French. My husband will pay me some maintenance but not enough to live on. I have heard that you can't get benefits over here so I think that maybe I will have to return to England but I don't have anywhere to live over there and I don't want to disrupt the children by moving them again just as they are begining to settle. I have a little bit of savings so I am not destitute but I need to do something. any advice anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated. thankyou

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can anyone please clarify for morbihan, the rentree for new 6eme is it monday or tuesday?? I thought it was mon as french govt website states mon, but friends tell me tues for 6eme and weds for the rest thanks

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A friend of mine is looking for a childs bed (for a three year old) ikea type would be ideal she lives in area 22 nr kerien and can collect or failing that any ideas where to get a new one locally Thanks g mullin

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