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Does anyone know if and when the indoor Go Kart track at Lanester, opp' Geant, is ever open? We have been there at different times of the year and it never seems to be running, even though there are big signs advertising it's opening times. JazminReplies on forum only please. No e-mails. Thanks.

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Am looking for the indoor play area opposite Truffaut Garden Centre, St.Brieuc. Is this on the same site at Carrefour? Can anyone give us directions please. Looking after two granchildren for the week and going slowly round the bend with this ghastly weather! Daisy

started by: sean & jackie · last update: 1188162005 · posted: 1188081604

Hi doing some research looking to move to Pluha area 22 in the near future, would like to know if there are many brits with families in the area as we have two young children and wanted any info on local schools? We also wanted any info regarding work (my husband works as a painter and decorator / carpenter) we have heard from people in the surrounding area that work is good and not too hard to find, but also from others that there is a shortage of work and can be difficult, so we don't know what too think ! We also like horses and riding, does anyone have any info regarding places to ride, people to ride out with, as, can get quite boring on your own, or anything else to do with horses! Thanks Jackie sean & jackie

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Hi, I've seen this mentioned in a couple of posts but I still dont quite understand how to go about getting it. I have 3 kids, 2 at school (6-11) and 1 at maternelle. How do you know if you qualify for this grant? Any info would be greatly received!

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Is there anywhere near Guingamp that does indoor play for kids. Something with climbing and swinging and ball pits that will exercise toddlers and older children. this is the first time I have longed for UK and Jungle Jim's and crazy kids etc. Grandchildren and a wet August are hard work. M&D Bourbriac

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Hi I am a single mum over here with a 5 and a half year old boy. I have just started working. I know i cannot claim child benefit here as i only have one child but is there any other help you get over here i.e the equivalent to tax credits etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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i am a single parent hoping to move to france to be near my parents. i have 3 children under 10. would i be entitled to any sort of benefits like in uk child benefit, single parent benefit income support free prescriptions. many thanks njc

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Does anyone know of any toddler groups in the Fougeres area? or are there any parents nearby that would like to meet up for the kids to play (our daughter is two)?

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Evening All,Has anyone in the last year had a C.Section in hospital here and been told that the Father of the newborn will not be allowed to attend during the surgery?Having already had 2 CS (in UK) woth the Father present I am rather disappointed at this news, with our third due in less than 6 weeks time.Reason given was sterility of the environment. I would also like advice on wether or not things like this can be contested.Thanks in advance of any helpful comments.

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Hi there We are moving out to Mur early next year with a 2 and 5 yr old boys and just wondered if there were many families in the locality with children of similar ages? If so, which schools do they go to and has does anyone have childred that go to St Josephs in the town? Looking forward to hopefully meeting up with you soon !

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Hi Moving to dept 22 very shortly, does anyone know anything about fostering young children in France, we have been foster parents in UK for last 8 years and would love to continue in France if poss. My husband speaks a little French, mine is not so good at the moment, but prepared to learn once living here, Any info would be great. Cheers Sueb

started by: SQUEALY-400624 · last update: 1186592551 · posted: 1186482723

Our children are well settled at college and we are planning to move from 56 over the border into 22 and we would desperately like to keep the children at the same school. Is it possible for them to stay although we presumably will be out of the 'catchment area' although only 25 mins by car. Has anyone had similar experiences? Thank you for helping. squealy

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Hi can someone recommend a nice beach not too far away from Corlay, Mur de Bretagne area. Thanks in advance

started by: Jacq-jacq · last update: 1186563796 · posted: 1186563796

Our 5 year old is really getting into playing with small things (do I really need morebits to hoover?) Does anyone have any Playmobile or lego type of toys they no longer have any use for? We are close to Mur de Bretagne (22/56 borders). Thanks, Jacq

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Hi All, Please can anyone tell me where i might find a Doctor who can speak at least some English, pref in the 35 Area, it is really important, so thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi All, We are coming over for our first summer break in our newly purchased house in Finistere. Has anyone got any suggestions for entertainment (preferably free or nearly free), suitable for 12 & 13 yr olds, both with us as a family and as locations that they can be 'dropped at' to spend a little time independently (getting to the age where they don't always want Mum & Dad trailing around). sallyb

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These are now too small for my children. Green and red metal framed with two yellow swings and one yellow rocker that seats two. Very good condition. 20 euros St Nicolas Du Pelem/Gouarec Area

started by: The Three of Us-396736 · last update: 1186044016 · posted: 1185800926

Hi I was wondering if anyone has a fetal doppler for sale. I am sure I saw one advertised not that long ago but I cannot find the listing. I am in area 22 near Corlay ThanksRegardsThe Three of Us

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I am considering to bretagne, am firstly trying to find a good montessori school for my daughter of 4 yrs old. then secondly I want to find a nice area thanks for any input williz

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Hello all, We shall be moving to France this year. I am looking for a school which will accomodate children with little French. My daughter is 12 and has only very basic knowledge of the French language. Please can anyone advise me of any schools which you may consider suitable? The areas we are considering are Brittany, Normandy and Pay de la Loire. Thank you, Judy

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