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hi we live in trinite langonnet (about 10 minutes from gourin or carhaix) and are looking or things to do with our 3 children ages 3 5 and 6 they love the water are there any water parks that are local-ish and will suit their ages many thanks Kind RegardsUnit5Trinite Langonnet(56)

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Anyone got any unwanted ride on toys suitable 18 months plus? Looking for a tractor, digger, etc., anything considered. Area 56 near Rohan.

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Just wanted to share this with any other Mums who might be looking for a fun day out! We had friends visiting last week from the UK with their 5 year old daughter. The weather wasn't great, so we decided to take them to the Clay Barn at Kernascleden, area 56. We had a great 2-3 hours painting pottery! My 2 year old daughter painted a fairy, my 4 year old painted a pencil pot with Spiderman and our friends little girl painted a necklace and pencil pot. It was so lovely going back on Saturday to pick up their works. Their little faces lit up with delight! How great to spend a fun afternoon, and have something to treasure. A big thank you to Lisa. Good Luck with the Clay Barn. I'm sure once word gets around, we'll have to book well in advance next time! Thanks again. TraceyTRhodes

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Hi we have 3 children 3 5 and 6 and would love to get them into swimming lessons are there any around the area we live many thanks Kind RegardsUnit5Trinite Langonnet(56)

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Ready Steady Cook !!! Small cooker electric - great fun for the children - bakes small buns. Very Good condition 10 Euros

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dept 35 north of Rennes near Dol, Combourg, Antrain thanks in advance! Sandy

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We are over for our annual two weeks from 29th July near Redon - but the two eldest (13 and 15) have started to feel they are growing out of family holidays - does anyone have similar aged boys who like football/rugby/sport generally/computer games who might like to meet up - or can recommend places for teenagers? We've been going to Oceanile at Ile de Noirmoutier each year but it is really a long trek - are there any similar water/theme parks does anyone know? We also have younger girl but she is still happy with Branfere etc for days out. SurrieWest Sussex andNr Redon (56)

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Hello, Has anyone got a baby crib they want to sell. Thank you Amy

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-Tomy breathing mat and monitor, has two monitors, one for you and one for babies room. Mat goes under babies mattress to sense breathing. French monitors/plugs. 50e. Very Good condition and have box ---------------------------------------------------------------- -Framed baby back carrier, bought in Germany, excellent condition, used twice. Burgundy and black, will suit from 6mths+ 50e ----------------------------------------------------------------- -Tomy baby carrier, as seen in the argos catalogue in the u.k, blue and grey. Suit newborn up, forward facing or outward facing. Good condition. 10e ------------------------------------------------------------------ -French baby monitors with camera, never been out of the box, instructions inside. 45e In Chateauneuf du faou (29) 0298732762

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Bed Pads. In the uk you can by a packet of 6 pads that go under the child and fold under the mattress for small ones who have accidents. Has anyone seen them here ? M&D Bourbriac

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hi hope someone can give me some advice, how do i know if i qualify for the above at present i get family allowance from england for my children [16 ,13, and twins 11]as my husband is working there ,will be here full time at the end of aug , i do not work here and have been here nearly 1 year, when my husband is here full time i can then claim french child allowance but can i claim the school benefit now sorry to sound a bit muddled im new at all this thanks for reading

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Anyone know about the fact that OAP can spend a cheap winter in Spain. Not sure if this correct but then someone might know something. Thanks ChrisCTJ

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Having just put new windows in our house and now need to have safety barriers fitted because of the children i was wondering if there is something i can put on the windows that allows me to open them a little bit for some air but not so much that the children can fall out. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.Live life

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Does anyone know of a toddler & parent group? We live in Plelan le Petit and would like to join any such group. Thank you!

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hello we live in the uk at the moment but we want to move to brittany soon .we home educate our two children and would like to continue to do so in brittany. we would like to hear from any one who home educates or has infomation that would be helpfull to us.

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I am interested in meeting up with any other mums who have a baby or toddler. I have an 18 month old and would like to catch up for a coffee and chat maybe on a weekly basis. I live between callac and guingamp. sam

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Anyone know of any playgroups (my child is 20 months) that continue throughout the summer holidays. I usually go to all the local playgroups but they all stop for the summer holidays. Any suggestions? I live in Plessala (22), Cheers

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We have been advised that our son needs to see a speech therapist (orthophoniste).Please has anyone had to go through the procedure,and did you get a result at the end of sessions.Also how much does it cost?

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Can anyone tell me if If my son can have a French id card. He has been living in France since he was 9 years old. He is now 16. If he can have an id card can anyone tell me how to obtain one. Thanks

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Is there anyone out there whose children go to the Lycee Ile de France in Rennes and if so what are your views. I would greatly appreciate any comments good or bad. Many thanks LB

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