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Can anyone give me some contact details, ie, telephone number or web address for some school holiday clubs in 56. I have details for Les Korrigans, in Guemene sur scorf. Thank you

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Does anyone have children attending primary schools in either Plumieux or La Trinite, would like to know what the schools are like please - my daughter is 9. Thanks

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I would love to go away for the weekend and I was hoping someone could recomend a spot for us..on the north coast of Brittany, preferably with a beach for swimming. I have a 4year old who loves the seashore, but would have other things to keep us entertained if the weather isnt nice. We live in Dol de Bretagne and, sadly, have never been west of St Brieuc. It would be great if it wasnt more than 3 hours drive from us, I feel overwhelmed by the choices. Thanks for your help

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As I am an OAP and do not have any family I am wondering if anyone can answer this question. What happens over here when you cannot look after yourself. I have heard how old people are sometimes ill treated in old peoples homes in the UK and am worried that the same thing happens here, not every one cares about the old, so wondered if anyone as an answer to my question. Thank you CTJ

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Is there a strike affecting the schools in area 22 on 23rd May?

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Dear AI, strange one this our 10 year old daughter is having problems with her liver we are due to move over within the month and she is set to see a specialist at St James in Leeds on Monday, if it is that she needs surgery obviously that could have an effect on our iminent plans, fingers crossed it wont come to that but to be honest at the moment it seems the most likely outcome. If she needs surgery then obviously there will be a need for follow up appointments, would this in anyway be covered in France as means of continuing care, and if so who would have to pay. Can I please add that we are very worried and stressed so only positive replies please, as at this moment in time we feel our world is falling apart. We have adopted a positive attitude but these kind of things eat at you when you are at a low ebb, so any good positive advice would be very welcome, thank you, Chris & AlisonChirpy Chippy...

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Hi Advice needed please Daughter living here and has been for 4 years, going on school trip this week-end to Spain with the school, today they have stated that because she is English she needs permission from the Mairie to leave France. She has a current passport and health cover so why does she need this extra permission. Last year when the school went to London this extra permission was not required for French students Has any one else had to go through this type of beauracuracy or is it normal, also the school is shut tomorrow for bank holiday and is not open on Friday for some reason so the only chance to discuss the matter is Sunday as the coach is loading. ThanksDept 56 near Gourin

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We're starting a craft club for children on Wednesday afternoons at 'Thematique', our coffee shop/bookshop in Mur-de-Bretagne. The first session will be on Wednesday Feb 28th from two till four. Bring your kids and stay for a coffee - there's no charge for the craft session. A percentage of the afternoon's takings will go back into the kitty for craft supplies, so hopefully we can keep it free going forwards.Volunteers to run future activity sessions also needed!Take a look at our website: http://www.thematique.net for directions and other information.

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Dear AI, I am aware that an e 106 would give us some cover, but what about the children, do they get any health cover from our e106, or do they in reality have none, unless we buy it in the form of insurance, thank you ChrisChirpy Chippy...

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hi anyone experienced discrimination in schools in 22 not just amongst kids but also with staff.would be interested in your stories and sharing comments experiences.

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As an OAP who would like to return to the UK but would not be able to aford to buy a home there, I have been told that I would not be entitled to anything as I have been away for more than two years, would anyone know if this is correct and if not would that person be able to give me any information. Thanks ChrisCTJ

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Dear AI our youngets (10) will require a brace for her teeth in the next two years, if we were in the Uk no problem but as we are moving to France soon I would like any info on what we would have to do in respect of this for our daughter, in a nutshell would I have to pay for this type of treatment.... many thanks Chris Chirpy Chippy...

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Hi I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the hours are for primary school.My daughter will be starting in September(not sure what school yet).She'll be six in December.Plus are there any differences in the hours between different types of schools(Diwan,private,public..) Thanks Deirdrecrimsondee

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Hello I am in 56 near to Ploermel and having a baby in September. Just wondering if there is anyone out there in the same or similar position to me - it's my first. Would love to email or chat or meet etc etc. Thanks.Regards Liz Howard

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Strange question, Does anyone know the french for "threadworms" or can anyone give me the name of the over the counter medicine?

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are there any support groups for this in brittany.thanks annaMowgli

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I am posting this question on behalf of friends who are hoping to move to the South of Brittany. They have three children, one of 3, one of 8 and another of 14. Therefore, when deciding which area exactly they wish to move to, choosing an area with appropriate schooling is extremely important. The children have some knowledge of French as they have all been receiving additional lessons. However, finding schools which can cope with the demands of children learning French as a second language would be immensely helpful.It is also anticipated that their parents may also move over at some point over the next five years. As they are elderly, being well located near to good hospitals is also a factor in deciding where they should move.The area the are considering is relatively wide. They have looked at the region that covers the Gulf of Morbihan, Vannes, Questembert, as far up as Josselin, over towards Chateaubriant and stretching into the Loire, as far as Nantes. Obviously, at this preliminary stage, that area is pretty huge, but finding a location with good schools and hospitals is their main priority. Can anyone pass on their knowledge of the area please?Please do not pm me as I have had some trouble with emails bouncing back.Thank you.

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After lots of nagging from my son's maternelle school nurse that the BCG vaccination is obligatory in France, I've taken him today for his BGC 'test' to get it sorted. Being a bit dumb though I dont quite understand what I do now - apart from wait to see if the test is positive or negative. But how do you know if it is positive or negative - what will the test patch on his arm look like? And then does he only need the actual vaccination if he is negative, not positive? How many days do I wait? Do I take him back to the doctors regardless so he can check after however many days?? Can anyone give me a nice simple explanation of what I do next and the process of BCG vaccination. Big thanks!

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Is there a shop in area 56 that stocks Clarks shoes for children or can anyone recommend a good shoe shop that does half sizes and different width sizes for children

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Hi i am looking for information about schools in the area that teach the uk curriculm as i have two children who will be needing a place in a school where english is taught as well as french as they are 12, 15. If there are any could please please be so kind and help me find a link to a map of the area . Thanks Itsnbits35

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