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Hi, are there any teenagers living around Loudeac. I usually spend the summer holidays there, but it would be better if I knew people around my own age. Callan

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Hi there, Can anyone help me? I have recently moved to the Josselin area with my husband and 2 year old daughter and am trying to find out about any parent and toddler groups or other activities for young children in the area. Have found the RPAM group in Josselin on a Tuesday and was wondering if there is anyone out there with children who want to play!

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Has anyone found some good french education internet sites that help with school topics for a child in CE2 and CP, after much time I don't seem to have found much that is particularly useful. Many thanks.Elizabeth

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Are there any parents out there that child suffers from ADHD. I have had several people comment on my daughter who say she has classic ADHD symtoms. I was wondering if anyone could help recommend a french doctor that recognises this as mine did not have a clue what I was talking about. Many Thanks

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Hello all, My partner and I are hoping to move to Brittany in the near future. I have a daughter of 12, she speaks very little French, therefore I am hoping for her to attend an international school. Does anyone know of any? Or please advise if you have experience in this field. Many thanks, Judy

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could anyone give me any advice, my 16 yr old son should be joining me in July after he has completed his gcse exams in england, iwant him to have some kind of schooling here but i am worried about his age and he only knows a little french. my other children are in the french schooling system but they are younger than him, thank you for any help any advice would be much appreciated

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Im an 18 yr old girl whos recently moved to the outskirts of Guingamp, the village I live in is very small and all the teenagers board at school. My french isnt very good (although Im having lessons) so its difficult to make friends with people outside of the village, if I actually find anyone. I was just wondering if theres anyone of a similar age (15-20) around 22 who'd be interested in emailing, maybe organising something to do. ThanksSarah

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Hello,Does anyone know where can buy reasonably priced maternity clothes in Rennes?Jenny

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Hi - has anyone any knowledge of this? We have a friend wanting to bring out their mother (she is a fluent French speaker) - is there sheltered accommodation available here? We only know of the excellent system where they try and keep old people in their own homes, with lots of domestic support, but are not knowledgeable about old peoples homes or sheltered accommodation.Sally Stone

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Although we have been here for 18 months now i find that my daughter is still struggling with her french. She is very shy and consequently does not mix very well at school and therefore does not speak french as often as she should!!! She also has problems conjugating the verbs and with other written work as well. I have two other children who are both doing fine but who are really sociable, therefore having lots of friends so enabling them to learn a lot quicker!! Apart from finding someone to help, possibly once a week, i thought it may be an idea to try to find other families in the same position so the children can share their problems etc! A french family would be the ideal solution to do french/english exchange. Any knowledge, ideas or advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi all. My friend is seriously thinking about relocating to France and has no internet connection, hence im writing this for them. Their eldest daughter is 9(10 in october) and has learning difficulties. She has the mental age of a 6 year-old. What facilities within the French education system might there be for her? What experiences has anyone in France had with children with learning difficulties within the education system? Any info is very welcome. Thanks everyone. Andy

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Have looked in local supermarkets and not seen anything resembling rusks. Can anyone tell me the french for these and any possible sightings please Thanks

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Does anyone know how to get hold of a diary/calendar of english school holidays?area 56

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Read as much as possible but confused about how exactly i'm supposed to go about seeing a midwife etc. Please can someone help me with the first few steps I know there is some paperwork i need to get off to CAF as soon as possible but so i ring the hospital direct? It seems a bit unclear to me. Any advice will be very much welcome!Live life

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Ok my 14 and a half year old daughter wants to have the injection for prevention of cervical cancer she went to order the injection its 204 euros per injection its a course of 3 and you have to pay for them yourself ; any body heard of this or exsperianced this them self ;does private top up insurance cover it

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How do you know if your child is having them?  My 23 month old seems to be waking twice nightly 11ish and 2-3ish in a real state calling 'cuddle me' relentlessly.  At first I thought it might be his back molars coming through, then I thought he might be taking the mickey tried to sit it out but he kept it up for 2 hrs! then I went back to plan A and started giving nurofen but don't feel I can keep giving it endlessly. It occurs to be now that he could be having nightmares particularly as it all started after he had a collision with a van (broke his hip) and had to be cuddled alot more because he couldnt' walk for a month or so.  I can't decide if he's taking me for a ride or genuinly stressed.  He's fine and his usual happy laid back self during the day. Anyone got any thoughts - I'm knackered!!!  Jo B (Dinan 22)

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We have four children and are considering moving to brittanny. Our eldest is fourteen and is taking his options next year. French is one of his chosen subjects, but he is far from fluent. What sort of provision does the state make for children who do not speak french. Do they get extra help?  sara penny

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My daughter and son in law have recently arrived and living near Mur de Bretagne. They have a 14 month old son and another due in May. Are there any mother and toddler / baby groups nearby or something similar or is anyone up for starting one. Also has anyone been throught the french system of being pregnant and giving birth here who can give her any advise or information. Thanks everyone Turners

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My 6 year old daughter has just written her christmas list and sent it off to sant. I am normally pretty safe with Barbie and princess dresses etc. BUT OH NO, this year she has asked for a chinese dress for dressing up in (why, I do not know!). So, the question is, has any one seen an oriental type dressing up costume on their travels and pre christmas spending frenzie? KenzBaud 56

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