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Has anyone else here with children who attend ecoles publiques noticed if their children's manners at table have deteriorated since they've come here?

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A question for all of you teachers out there, or parents in a similar position to myself. I have a four year old son who is currently in Maternelle and is progressing well. However, he really wants to learn to read and write, so he and are doing basic letters and sounds, using the Jolly Phonics books and Flash Cards. As he's become very keen to be able to read his books by himself, I can see him mastering his letters and sounds and possibly basic words very quickly. Can anyone recommend any First Reader books that would help him get to the next level. I had a quick look on Amazon.fr but without seeing them I don't really have much of an idea of what to buy. Alternatively, if anyone has a child who has grown out of any of these books I'd certainly be keen to buy them from you. Many thanks for your help.Nicky

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My due date is tomorrow..yeah! Seems like I should get off line and go pack my bag. Does anyone know, what do I need to bring for the baby? just one outfit to go home? Do I bring my own pajamas?thanks in advance!

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Got ourselves in a bit of a predicament regarding school. Children hate new school and the first four weeks have been hell. Had a good week last week so thought things might have calmed down now. Went to parents info meeting last night for my daughters class and the teacher spoke to me after the meeting to say that my daughter had told some friend or neighbour (not sure if its a friend from this school or from next village or an adult she's meant to have said this to?) that her teacher "hurt" (shook) the children in class! This statement had apparently been relayed to my sons teacher who then relayed it to my daughters teacher - then to me. I told her that she had problems settling into this school but that I would speak to her and get her to come in and apologise to the teacher if she did say this. Agreed and symathised with her that this was very bad for her. Duly spoke severly to daughter and son and she's adament that she hasn't said anything. I don't know whether to believe her or not, because we've heard some really conflicting things about one of the teachers in this school - although admitedly, this teacher is really nice. I know that I've added fuel to the fire by asking things about this school and trying to find out what my rights would be if anything untoward was to happen to my children. (Think that she could have said something stupid in a jokey manner. Not trying to defend her for this but she is 8 and wouldn't have thought of the consequences.) Husband said as we are unsure - not to take her to say sorry but that I should do it alone. I went at lunch time to try to reassure the teacher that she had been spoken to, said she hadn't said anything but now fully understands how important it is NOT to say anything negative about a teacher (outside of our home). Unfortunately, the teacher won't seem to accept this and because she knows I have my worries about what goes on in this school, wants to have a meeting with me, my husband, her and the other teacher who heard this. I told her that I would take the meeting only if the person who allegedly said it was also there. She could be just trying to make me feel better, but I really have my doubts about this school and would prefer to just let things rest as they are so that I can judge things for myself. Have a feeling though that they want to put us on the spot as they are continually nit picking at us and the children for the slightest little thing because the children have had a hard time settling in and not liking the school. If I have this meeting, am I right to ask for the "third" person to be there? Should I ask that the Director is also present? Should I just write to apologise angain and say that if the verbal and written apology is not accepted then I would prefer to forget the whole incident as the children have only finally settled here and I don't want to rock the boat anymore? Should I write to someone within the Education department to make sure that they are there at the meeting too? Who would I contact???? Judging from the AI postings here lately and the meetings I've went to with this school, I'm not the only one with stressed out children! Kids eehh!!!Only Me!

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Can you help ? I understand there is a shop in St. Brieuc which sells ladies clothes suitable for Mother of the Bride.  Please could I have the name or address. Like most of us gals living in Brittany we don't have the occasion to buy something as smart as I need for a posh hotel wedding... and, of course, I want to do my daughter proud.  But being a size 22/24 on top and an 18 below  ... it is difficult to even try to buy clothes on line , which would be an easy option, or even Ebay....  I really need to try the prospective outfit on. Also being so "voluptuous" not easy to find an outfit .. and... I brought such a good wardrobe of stuff with me, I haven't had to forage for clothes yet. So, if you could steer me in the right direction, I would be really appreciative.  I don't want to travel too far ... so St Brieuc, Pontivy or Loudeac would be great. Have a great day.

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His uncle is getting married next month and i am looking for a dressy outfit for my 3yo son but I am not sure where ... I ive near Rennes..can anyone point me in the right direction?ss

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My daughter is getting married next year. I am only going over a day before the wedding so no chance of shopping for an outfit in London. I don't want to pay a fortune as I will probably never wear the clothes again .... (no use for them in rural Brittany )..... but obviously want to do the bride proud and I was wondering if anyone had come across a Dress Hire shop in or around Area 22 or 56 for ladies clothes suitable for a wedding. I have looked at Pages Jaune.... but the only dress hire seems to be "Fancy Dress Hire" ... although it would be fun ... I don't think my daughter would find it a laugh !!  

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ok its my turn now anyone know where i can buy flavoured jelly in powdered form. lidl sell it elsewhere abroad but can't find it here in france (the jelly not lidl). have seen the cubes in a couple of places in their "english" section but thought €2.99 was taking the michael. please help, we've got kids coming next week and someone (?) promised them there'd be jelly. don't care where in brittany, i'd rather have an hours drive then 3 weeks of "i want jelly"life is like a bowl of all-bran; you wake up in the morning and its there.

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Where can I take my daughter to get her ears peirced in Pontivy?

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My other 1/2 is wondering where best to find  a wedding outfit , if possible without breaking the bank. Would it make sense to do a shopping trip to Jersey, and if so where would you recommend, and how much does the ferry cost ? (foot passengers I guess) .   I don't think we can do a proper UK trip before the event, but would consider that again without the car if Plymouth, or Portsmouth retailers can be recommended. She doesn't think that buying locally is an option because anything that appeals also melts the card   :( Any help with this conundrum much appreciated................................David Baud / Camors(56)

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I like to use Milton (or equivalent) to wash down work surfaces, sinks, clean mugs etc but can't seem to find any in Brittany!  I have found sterilising units in the supermarkets but no fluid (seems bizarre!)  Perhaps those of you with tiny babies can fill me in? Thanks  Happy Francophile

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Does anyone out there have young children? I have a 2 yr old boy and a 9yr old girl.As there are no mother & toddler groups here it's hard to get to know people.We live in Gourin 56 and would love to meet other mums for a coffee & chat as my french is still very limited even after 18 months here.Marianna

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Does anyone know if a media centre box like the Elonex Artisan will work with a French TV given the differing format situations. I want the internet and simple television reception. I know the computer bit will work but what about the TV hook up. Anyone gone down this route or bought a similar product in FranceR.L Perkin

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Does anyone have any idea of where I can Buy cod liver oil capsules? Have looked in the supermarkets but to no avail. Cheers Michelemichele

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We are thinking of moving to Brittany next year but I am very concerned about my five year old , who is showing all the signs of dyslexia. From what I have read French Schools seem to concentrate on French and Maths, neither of which he can do. Does anyone know how the French deal with learning difficulties? Also is the school day really 8am until 5pm. he is exhausted with 6 hours at school over here.Emma

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Can anyone tell me what a child shoe size 11 is over here - I need to get my son some shoes asap! Thankls

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Are large trampolines widely available in Brittany?  If so where is the best place to look, either new or secondhand.  If tenants use the trampoline are there any "special" rules and regulations etc apart from the usual million.carolb

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My husband is in the process of building a sand pit for the girls but needs a supplier of play sand - any suggestions for suppliers particularly as we will need a large quantitiy (more than a couple of bags). Any where in Merdrignac or Ploermel Regions. Thank you Hilary    

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Anyone come across a place where you can get stuff for miniature dolls houses? Although I'm not yet living in France I want to further this hobby whilst living there and need to know if materials etc etc are readily available in Brittany. I currently have a dolls house and am in the process of doing a delicatessen in one/twelth scale.mags

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