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Hi. Could anyone recommend an English speaking estate agent please for a house valuation?  Many thanks 

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Hi Anglo Info-ers!  We have owned a renovation project in Brittany for over 20 years, and I had an Anglo Info account for the same amount of time, but it won't let me log in on my old details, so have had to start again.  Over the 20 years, we have moved a lot of personal items, furniture, tools etc. to Brittany, either to use, or to store due to lack of space in the UK.  All of these items were UK purchased, with VAT & taxes paid, and were moved to Brittany as part of the EU freedom of movement, so not officially 'exported' and no taxes were reclaimed.Can somebody please give us some concrete information as to where we stand bringing any of these items back to the UK, and what we have to do.  The HMRC website is very confusing, even contradicting itself in places.  I have tried to contact HMRC, but have also had conflicting emails, and they seem to think I am trying to import commercial items or re-import items on which relief was claimed when they were 'exported'.I find it somewhat distressing that we may have to pay import duties and/or VAT on items on which the relevant taxes/VAT paid when they were purchased.  Some of the items were purchased up to 40 years ago, so any receipts/documents are long gone.  Any advice or information would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi all, I have been on French Gov site to my space and can only find last years completed form.When are this years formd due out.Thanks,Peter Donohoe.

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I believe that we had tontine clause inserted when we bought our property 16 years ago. My wife is deceased, we do not have French wills and I would prefer to have the normal French succession law applied to our property. Is this easy to do?

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I'd be interested to hear from anyone who is the owner of a Ltd Co in the UK, resident in France and also registered as micro-entrepreneur here. Is it possible, advisable, complicated? What pitfalls might there be? In this case, the UK Ltd. has had nil turnover since 2020 due to Covid and the only income has been from the separate French ME business, but I think the best thing is to get things in order and legal.

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As a permanent resident in France, which is the most cost effective - Having my monthly UK Pension transferred to my French Post Office account.......or.......having it sent direct to my UK Bank and using a Barclaycard Credit Card for purchases in France?

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Hi, need a little advice. I am moving to France in April 2022, and would like to continue with my self employed job in the UK. The majority of it is online so is easy to do in another country however I will be paid by a UK based company (not a limited company). I have just got use to completing my tax returns in the UK and moving to France scares me a bit with trying to complete my tax return. Appreciate that I will have to pay tax in France, I won’t need to pay tax in the UK as well will I?what will I need to do to register in France for tax return? I will probably still be paid into my UK bank account of that makes any difference at all? 

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Hi, Since 2000, I have had an account with Credit Agricole so that I can pay for the utilities, taxes, etc. on my house in Morbihan. Previously, I was able to log in to the account via the internet. In the last year, I have not been able to access my account because I now need to have a code that they send via their mobile app. I live in rural Australia, in a mobile black-spot. I've not even been able to see my statements for months and have been having to guess how much money I have left. I've contacted my branch, but they have been useless and have got to the point of ignoring my requests for help over this.Does anyone know if any of the other French banks have a verification system that does not require the client to have a mobile?For example, Lloyds sends me a verification code via my landline and I use a number generating tag for my Australian bank. These work fine. Thanks. 

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Hi Can anyone help? I want a credit card so went to the bank (LCL) the only thing they can offer is a VISA premier card which still debits the full amount from the account at the end of the month, they do not to be able to grasp that I want a credit card NOT a debit card. The manager politely told me that the banking system in France is not the same as the UK and credit cards as we know them don't exist! So can anyone out there confirm or deny his statement? and where do I have to go to get a credit card?Thx

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Hi, has anyone inherited money from UK, while paying tax or not in France, if so was it subject to tax in France? The amount is below the tax threshold in the UK. Thanks in advance. Paul

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Hi. Got to start somewhere. We used to live in France and were in Tax and Health system whilst living near St.Malo 12 yrs ago. We are thinking of returning to Brittany area and buying one or two properties for ourselves and Grandaughters family to give us a new lease of life and them a foothold. Obvious questions before we go to Notaire etc. Have there been any radical changes that might prevent us from obtaining residency and changes to Inheritance laws now we are out of E.U. WE are able to say we have sufficient funds to not burden any system. Hoping that properties might enable us to register ,if a business suits the properties, as before,into Tax system. Any basic advice  would be appreciated,even negative. U.K. is swiftly going down the drain.,or,even further down the drain and regret out return here.

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Hi I wondered if anyone else has had RoW problems My new neighbour denies it exists although I've used it for more than 30 years and it is in the sales contract Thanks for any replies Dave Britton

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If I import an agricultual item from UK into France,   would it be fee of Import Duty and and other charges?!??

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We have recently accepted an offer on our house in france.   We spent over 13 years renovating it and have kept all our receipts.   Some of the work was done by Artisans but the remainder by my husband.    A lot of the receipts are from french companies but some are from english companies.   We are unsure what we can claim for to put against the tax we will have to pay.    We also added on a new extension and put new bathrooms in the house as there none when we bought and also there was no kitchen.   Can the full amount to renovate these works be offset.

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I have recently sold my property in Brittany,completed in June.My query is who pays the Fonciere ?I left the property over 2 years ago to return to the uk.The Immo added  47euros to the sale as buyers contribution, the annual bill is about 300euros,what is my position?

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Hi all - for medical reasons I cannot have a vaccination.  I live in the UK now but have a house in Brittany I am selling so at least one visit will be necessary to sign documents at the notaire's office.  However, I am struggling to see if this is an "accepted exemption" for travel to France... has anyone got the ability to shed any light on this?I know earlier in the pandemic travelling to sell a property was a valid reason (e.g. Boris Johnson's dad) but for non-vaccinated people, it seems no longer to be a reason.Thanks all.

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I have a Carte de Sejour, valid for ten years, do I also need to apply for a Residency Permit as well.  The procedure looks identical to me, do theywant all the same information again.

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We have sold a parcel of woodland and the buyer is paying for the solicitor.    It has been over nine months since we have heard from the solicitor despite the buyer pestering him to get this moving.    we have now accepted an offer on our house but until this parcel of woodland is sold it is technically and i suppose legally still part of our house.   i have written to the solicitor asking what is happening and he replied he would get the file out and look at it.   I was nevertheless not amused by this and wrote back stating that this matter needs to be resolved as it was putting the buyer in a precarious situation as he was removing wood as well as compromising the sale of our house.    If he doesn't and there is no other word to explain this pull his finger out, where do both the buyer and us complain about his elongated and casual attitude to getting this sorted.   Over nine months to transfer a title from one person to another I find mind boggling

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I am planning to buy a property from my parents who live in Brittany and wish to return to the UK. I have a job which is fully remote (nothing to do with COVID, this is just a permanently 'from home' job). My contract of employment states that I am a remote worker and therefore I can be based anywhere. The (french) bank has given me an agreement in principle for a mortgage on this basis and they seem satisfied by my employment status and ability to pay a mortgage. I am now seeking advice re tax and visas. Things seem to be so complicated as a result of Brexit and I just want to make sure I have all bases covered with plenty of time. As the property I will buy belongs to my parents, there is no pressure to push this through quickly, so I would rather get things right than hurry along through something that I don't fully understand. Any suggestions would be very helpful. 

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Can anyone advise what is the official conversation rate is for Uk income on this years tax return ?Thankyou.

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