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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise me or has perhaps been in  a similar situation ? I have lived in France 15 years and have recently just got divorced here using a French avocat, as I have two children living here with me . I am a Uk citizen and was married in the Uk to another Uk national before we moved to France. The divorce is now finalised and registered here on the Repertoire civile in Nantes but it says the following at the bottom on the divorce certificate; "Aucun acte d'état civile , susceptible d'etre mis a jour, n'est conservé sur un registre français. (pour la mise à jour de leurs actes d'état civile, les ressortissants étrangers doivent s'adresser aux autorities locales ou consulaires de leur pays ) " I take this to mean that my divorce has to be registered in the Uk somehow , but I have contacted the British Consulate who can't help, I also rang the general register office of England and wales who couldn't help either !! So how do i get my divorce recognised in the UK , surely if I ever wanted to marry again in the Uk there must be some kind of record ?? Any help or advice much appreciated .

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Hi all, trying to pay French taxes from Uk, and I'm told that from 2020 Taxe d'Habitation was rolled in to something else. Can anyone clarify -- usually there is Tax d'Hab, Taxe Fonciere and the media taxe. Many thanks

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Anyone had an application appointment yet? Which prefecture?Im in Finistere, probably under Quimper, applied beginning of Nov, no rush I suppose but yet to hear anything (other than email confirmation).

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Apologies for the length of this question.  My wife and I are Directors and shareholders in a UK company that employs 50 people.   We are not the only directors or shareholders and the company will not open an office in France.  We move to France on 2/12 to take up residency and get a CdS before the final death knell of Brexit on 31/12/2020.  I will fulfil my role remotely from France and the company has registered through TFE and will employ me that way and pay French min wage (for cadre) and all relevant social taxes etc.  My wife is in receipt of a state pension, has her S1 and will not work in France.   She was in receipt of a min wage employee salary in the UK for tax purposes (nearly all our income is from dividends) but her employee status will terminate on 2/12 otherwise she will lose the S1 benefits.  Under UK law she can remain a Director whilst not an employee.  Is there any French law that prevents her from being a Director of a foreign company whilst an 'inactif' resident in France?  Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.

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Does anyone know the exact legal position of UK debt collectors here in France and their methods of collection.

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Is Static/Mobile Home Insurance a legal requirement in Brittany.............?

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Hi, has anyone else been forced to pay their tax d'habitation by direct debit against their wishes and consent ?Philip 

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We live in England and have a place in Brittany - Has anyone received an auto-certification fiscale from their bank?

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Hello, we rented a flat in Dinan for 4 plus years and moved out at the end of August. We left everything clean and in good order, and the rental agent and I completed the état des lieu with only one minor query about broken stopper in the bathroom sink. Since then we have not received any portion of our security deposit back. I believe from some basic research that this can take up to two months, so after that period had expired, I called the rental agent to ask about it. He was surprised to learn that the owner had not sent it to us yet, and as usual, seems to think that I should do all the work of communicating directly with the owners, which I don’t want to do. We initially arranged the rental through the agency and paid the deposit to them, so I think it is their problem to solve.My question is - if I continue to get nowhere with this, what would be a good next step? I can write a letter myself, but would it be worth getting something from a notaire, or would it have to be an avocat? Many thanks

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Hello all Has anybody had any dealings with this company, good or bad. we've been approached to have pensions traced and early release etcthey are based in spain, regulated by cyprusany feed back would be greatcheersk

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I wonder if anyone can help. I currently reside in France at a temporary residence - can I register here or do I need a permanent address? I dont have a french bank account would I need one to rent somewhere but I need an address to set up a bank account?I also wondered about maybe just investing in a plot of land to register? I work for an English company who provide me with seasonal contract and also seasonal accomodation normally at a resort. Hope this is enough information for some help.Thank you in advance 

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Hello all, I left Brittany over 8 years ago selling a new build house which will now be 13 years old. How long should I keep all of my french documents? I've heard that some people are held liable for house repairs some years after they move. 

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Please can you point me in the direction of how I find out how much tax I will need to pay in France on the sale of my house there. I am selling it for the same as I bought it 13 years ago so won’t be in profit (other than the difference in exchange rate ) Thanks 

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Can anyone help, I have a refund cheque from my tax d’habitation (wow!) it has been sent to my uk address- can I send it by post to my French bank??? I don’t have a paying in slip, and I can’t get over for quite a while.Also the banks in Normandy and our new place is Brittany so not worth the journey if we were in France!

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We have been told by the secretary at the Mayor's office that they can no longer confirm our identity for any "English form".  I take it by this they mean the confirmation we are still alive that we are sent every couple of years by the UK pension service.

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I sold a house  in France (through a french registered estate agent (  that  I had inherited, ) on Jan 1 2020. and the new owner moved in on that same day.  However, I have not received any money and just one letter from the notaire saying the details would be finalised at the end of May 2020., but have received nothing.....The estate agent who sold the house said it had nothing to do with them and the notaire will not enter into any correspondence, answer any e-mails, etc., etc.   I am seriously worried at this stage as I believe the money should have been in my bank account months ago.   I have no debts or financial problems, and my  (french) income tax affairs are fully in order.     Please advise.

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Can anyone tell me the official exchange rate for tax return please?

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My daughters (full-time students) are attached to our tax form. In 2019 they both earnt money. When I come to fill out the tax form with their earnings which figure do I include if their boxes are not automatically filled in already?Options that I have are:1. What she was actually paid "Net a payer avant impot sur le revenu".2. Impot sur le revenu preleve a la source - Base.3. Brut fiscal (which I have monthly and cumul figures).4. Net imposable (again monthly and cumul figs).5. Total vers par l'employeur.

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My daughters aged 19 and 21 are fiscally attached to us.Until this summer both are full time students. Next year only 1 will be a full time student. The other will have left education but will keep open her student status for the coming year, in case she decides to return next year.The one leaving uni has earnt a little money on temporary part-time jobs. The other has a regular Saturday job and works some extra days in the school holidays.We are a boursed family.Last year, I forgot to add my eldest to our dependencies part on the form, so when assess by the CROUS for the bourses, they were reduced. The error was noticed and rectified and the CROUS reassessed us.At what point should they declare their own taxes so as not to affect our bourses for our youngest who still has 1 year left of education? I imagine that you cannot claim dependent children if they are doing their own forms, or is that not correct? Should we keep everything the same for the coming year and then next year when they've both finished uni, let them do their own forms when there is no education bourse to be claimed?

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