Banking from a mobile black-spot?

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Hi, Since 2000, I have had an account with Credit Agricole so that I can pay for the utilities, taxes, etc. on my house in Morbihan. Previously, I was able to log in to the account via the internet. In the last year, I have not been able to access my account because I now need to have a code that they send via their mobile app. I live in rural Australia, in a mobile black-spot. I've not even been able to see my statements for months and have been having to guess how much money I have left. I've contacted my branch, but they have been useless and have got to the point of ignoring my requests for help over this.Does anyone know if any of the other French banks have a verification system that does not require the client to have a mobile?For example, Lloyds sends me a verification code via my landline and I use a number generating tag for my Australian bank. These work fine. Thanks. 

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Try CreditAgricol, yes really.  I have any account with their Britline, Normandy, and log in on a computer with account number and code. I do not have a mobile.

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As an aside. The only reason the bank's want you to use their app is so the can "monetiz", sell, your information.  Most bank apps demand full access to your phone, read, change and delete your contacts and files, take your picture and record what you are saying, track your location, track wifi useage, access the internet and your home network. Have a look at the app permissions.

The login I use only asks for my 'identifiant à 11 chiffres' and 'code personal'.  The way they do it is far more secure than a code via an app.

Best of luck.

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I think you may find that additional security codes will be required in the future, as this is set to be required by EU banking regs. I bank with CA but not Britline and they have just recently started implementing additional security, such as entering a code sent via SMS when making online purchases. So far I haven't had to do that to access my account but they also operate a one-time code system where they send you a code by post which you are supposed to remember and use when asked. I have been asked for that in order to log on. I don't have the app..

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Thanks infoanglo-390497  The Britline account seemed like a great option. I contacted them, but unfortunately their reply was "To become a Britline
customer we require you to be resident in the UK or Ireland, or a British or
Irish expat resident in France
". I'm resident in Australia, so even though I'm a UK Citizen, own a house in France and have a French bank account, I'm ineligible.

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Thanks, Mad-Hatter-1017809 . They have required the additional code for my account for several months now. It seems ridiculous to have to buy a mobile phone, pay for a monthly subscription, and then drive many kilometres to find a signal just so that I can see how much is left in my account.

The bank manager says he sent a one-time code by post, but that was more than two months ago. Post from Europe doesn't take THAT long, even in rural Australia. Two weeks max, maybe.

They just ignore my (polite) emails now. I am a very small, insignificant customer as far as Cred Ag is concerned - they make very little money out of me. Hence, I have been trying to find an alternative French bank that doesn't rely on apps and SMS.   

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Didn't know about that Britline "resident" restriction.

Another way of getting around the mobile problem is to set up an account with They allow you to have one of their local UK mobile phone numbers. All SMS and calls are available on your computer.

I know this works, I have done it for years. Beware their phone calls can be expensive, they put up calls to UK by 10x overnight without telling anyone and blew my entire credit. Apart from that it solves the problem. UK mobile number costs $US3/month.

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