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Hi Can anyone help? I want a credit card so went to the bank (LCL) the only thing they can offer is a VISA premier card which still debits the full amount from the account at the end of the month, they do not to be able to grasp that I want a credit card NOT a debit card. The manager politely told me that the banking system in France is not the same as the UK and credit cards as we know them don't exist! So can anyone out there confirm or deny his statement? and where do I have to go to get a credit card?Thx

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max&lucky 1317487150

ive always been told the same the french do not have credit like uk the only thing you can get is an overdraft, i have never seen a french person use anything else other than bank card or cheques but in last couple of years notice carrefor have there own store card.

Nick22-415152 1317488121

Credit cards are issued by Cetelem, Oney and Crédit Agricole, to my knowledge. I have an Oney CC - exactly the same as a UK CC, but cheaper.

Obviously LCL don't issue them!

Store cards aren't real credit cards.

Slightly Sceptical-440637 1317488593

Hi Wendy and Mark,

Credit Agricole offer a Mastercard that serves both as a debit and a credit card, credit as in you can elect to pay 5% of the balance like the cards you are used to in the UK. The limits are quite low, normally a max of 5k Euros but they are the only "player" in town at the moment.

You may be better looking at a revolving credit (there are ads everywhere, normally 9-15k) and funding your account with this. The rates are probably better than the bank will give you for an overdraft.

Whenever and from wherever you borrow unsecured money in France it is income based; your equity or credit rating have nothing to do with it. You will need either a C.D.I. or a secure income (pension for example) and your total repayments for any and every credit agreement you have may not exceed 30% of your net monthly income.



Slightly Sceptical-440637 1317488708

My apologies Nick, I wasn't aware of the others, good to know for clients.



max&lucky 1317488949

Debit & Credit Cards

Debit cards in France are known as Cart Bleu and have the CB symbol displayed on them, credit cards have the MasterCard or Visa symbol. Credit cards in France do not usually operate in the same way as we know in the UK and are more similar to a debit card with purchases being deducted either immediately or at the end of the month - there is usually no option to pay of credit card purchases via a monthly minimum payment. If you hold a joint bank account cards are normally automatically issued to the first account holder - usually the man, the second account holder must apply for their own card if desired. In all cases the cards are not free and usually incur a charge of around 30 euros per year for a basic debit card and can be as much as 90 euros if you opt for additional packages such as card insurance. If you card is lost you will also be charged for a new one.

Card payments in France use the chip & pin method, when purchasing goods or services you will be asked to enter your pin number into the card machine at the point of sale.

silvuplay 1317489837

Store cards are exactly that, not a credit card!

span-382528 1317492225

Have mastercard, both debit and credit from cmb but as previous poster says limited normally to 5000 after 15yrs managed to up this to 20000

thoissian 1317496186

My husband was offered a 'Credit Card' by CMB. This was a card he could use to make purchases up to 2,OOO€s. It was useful for subscriptions, DVD Player etc. He rarely used to have more than 500€ outstanding on it at most. I think they took a proportion of the debt off each month.

NigB 1317499343

I have a carte pass mastercard through carrefour, but you can spend it anywhere displaying the mastercard logo,and also anywhere else in the world, and either pay it back right away or pay over time thats suits you, at 3% minimum they will give you €2000 to start and for some reason they dont seem to charge interest, i know this sounds odd but none of my statements show any interest but i did set up a payment to pay them, which is in excess of the 3%, i also have the cmb carte bleu visa, but they do charge interest, but a lot lower than a uk credit card. 1317500647 these cover a lot of store cards but also have a credit type card.

silvuplay 1317500705

Credit type card??????????????

DK56-438473 1317505488

This is what you want....revolving credit...

If the link doesn't work go to LCL website an look under 'credit renouvable'

Good Luck

nimportequoi 1317506030

Credit Agricole are offering one now, they tried to get me to have one, but I'm quite happy with the paying immediately existing one. I don't want a UK style credit card.

Wendyand Mark 1317552737

Thanks for all your replies. I already have the credit renouvable option which they put into your account when you need it, but this doesn't help when you reach the monthly withdrawal limit on your account and they then freeze the account until the end of the month irrespective of how much money is still in there - this happened to us having paid some rather hefty bills before going on holiday we then found ourselves financially stranded midway through our holiday. The authorization procedure when using the debit card for online purchases is restrictive too, an automated phone call to your home with an authorization number - all well and good if you are at home, but my OH is often away and cannot book flights etc to get home using his laptop which is an absolute pain. We've also had problems trying to use the debit card for some online purchases - particularly car hire, so wanted a credit card for emergency situations such as these.
I did find it unbelievable that credit cards do not exist in France, so armed with all the info you've kindly given me I will go back to the bank next week and speak to the pompous prat of a manager!

Slightly Sceptical-440637 1317554430

Hi Wendy and Mark,

Having followed and contributed to this thread, and in light of your last posting (regarding monthly limits, car hire on line and so on) I do the following to solve pretty much the same problems.

This assumes that either actually funding your needs isn't a problem, or that that your have a "revolving credit" available to fund the solution I use. In that case, if you need access to your revolving credit, without the constraints of "monthly limits", get a Moneybookers card, load it with all the cash that you will need, and accept that you will pay the interest on the money you have borrowed but lose any and all constraints on how and when you spend it.

I use a Moneybookers Mastercard! It cost me 9.95€, is available in France and gives me a "per transaction" limit of 10,000€ (assuming I have the funds).

I just "load it" with whatever I need to when I travel and use it as my "get out of jail card". Transfers are instant so, if ever I find that I am getting close to my CIC gold card transaction or monthly limit, I just move funds online to my Moneybookers account. It does cost me 1.9% but it is instant and it gets me out of trouble.

For car hire, (I hire at least 4-5 times a month at airports within Europe) I book Europecar online and prepay; they only ever take a deposit off one of my various debit cards equal to the cost of a tank of fuel.

I don't own a "credit card" (I do have an Amex card that I haven't used for 18 months and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot in France) but, after 16 years in Dubai, old habits die hard.



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