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Hi. Could anyone recommend an English speaking estate agent please for a house valuation?  Many thanks 

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Mad-Hatter-1017809 1640855303

Might help if you say whereabouts you are? Brittany is a big place.

Christine-Burns-1019170 1640856877

Duh! Of course. The house is near Lamballe. Thank you. 

Tregadilet 1640938264


You can try  Bel air Homes,  http://www.properties-brittany.com/ they are English run  (0297 27 01 7)

AJmAc 1641468544

You could try Leggett. We haven’t used them but recently met one of their agents. She was French but spoke English, we will ask her to vive us a valuation next year when we are thinking of selling. 


Ellie G 1642769959

I recommend Jane Hands via Leggett

WILLIAM-MOORE-902479 1652529110

Try Ar-Ger, run by Steve & Wendy, they sold me my cottage. 

Cheers, Will

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