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Hello all, I left Brittany over 8 years ago selling a new build house which will now be 13 years old. How long should I keep all of my french documents? I've heard that some people are held liable for house repairs some years after they move. 


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There is a website that explains how long to keep various documents.


With regards to being held responsible for house repairs after you have moved, I would venture to guess that this refers to the ten year guarantee that bonafide trades are required to issue for their work.  Since your house is over ten years from build date and if you haven't made loads of structural changes after that you are probably safe. Any alterations done by trades will be covered and the factures proving any remaining guarantee period can be passed on to the new owners.  (IMHO)

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A lot will depend on whether a clause was inserted in the Acte de Vente about any ongoing liability and for how long Have you still got a copy you could check? 

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