Struggling to work moving to France

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I wonder if anyone can help. I currently reside in France at a temporary residence - can I register here or do I need a permanent address? I dont have a french bank account would I need one to rent somewhere but I need an address to set up a bank account?I also wondered about maybe just investing in a plot of land to register? I work for an English company who provide me with seasonal contract and also seasonal accomodation normally at a resort. Hope this is enough information for some help.Thank you in advance 


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Unfortunately there is not good news I am afraid In order to rent a permanent address you need to prove that you will be able to pay the rent and have a French bank account and show an income going into it A temporary address such as an Air B and B or a gite is no longer acceptable as you will need a rental agreement and a plot of land is not acceptable either You will also need to show your income and proof of health cover and a job contract if you are working

You need to look at this site which shows what documents you need  

This is the official site to apply

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AS a matter of interest were you being paid as a French employee or on a British payroll as a posted worker

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Did you not research this before you moved???  Research, research, research.

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