UK Pension - Transferred to France Bank?!?

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As a permanent resident in France, which is the most cost effective - Having my monthly UK Pension transferred to my French Post Office account.......or.......having it sent direct to my UK Bank and using a Barclaycard Credit Card for purchases in France?

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Have a look at

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Be aware that many uk banks are closing the accounts of expat brits living in the EU as a result of Brexit Likewise many uk credit cards are being withdrawn 

I have my pensions transferred directly into my French bank account and you get a good exchange rate as they are buying in bulk If your pension provider has a problem transferring to the EU you can do as Mad Hatter suggests and open a Wise multi currency account.

You do not say what sort of pension you will be getting but take note that under the Anglo French tax treaty all pensions except uk government pensions eg police teachers etc are to be taxed in France and paid tax free by the UK Ask if you need advice on how to achieve this 

If you want a good credit card in France then I have used "carte Zero" for years without problem

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Thank you Matthew!   That was exactly the info I was looking for. To put a bit more flesh on my situation,  The Pension I am considering having transferred to France is a UK Government Pension - Having it transferred into my La Poste account.    Presumable (hopefully) this would not attract any banking charges?!?   I have a UK Lloyds account with Debit Card which I use on-and-off so hopefully they wouldn't close it down.  The only monies I have in UK is Premium Bonds which I transfer into my Lloyds account if and when I visit UK.   I have tried to find out on the net what rate the Government rate of exchange is, but without success.    If you have any other info you feel would be worth passing onto me, I would be grateful.    Andrew


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Any money coming from outside the SEPA zone could attract bank charges You need to check with La Poste If you are likely to incur charges then you could open a wise multi currency account This means that you will give your pension provider the wise account and sort code as if it were a uk bank then you could change it into euros using Wise and pay it into your french account from the "french" wise account thus ensuring no bank charges per se

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