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Hi, we used to go to the Dauphin Blue in St Brieuc but had a bad reaction to the food so haven't been for 3 years, there is one near to Lamballe, can anyone recommend it for lunch ?

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Does anyone know if tax is charge when bringing a barrel of ale into France

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Hello - Ive mace a couple of buche de noel using melted chocolate - I melt it in a metal bowl over a saucepan of boiling water - its a good quality chocolate but I find unless i stir it like crazy with a fork - it stays quite lumpy and thick, not smooth and runny as i expect - the recipe  also suggests i add 4'tablespoons of water to the chocolate  while its melting - the end result of my recipe tastes delicious but I feel im not melting the chocolate in the proper way -'any suggsstions ?  Thanks  

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I came across this lovely cake recipe and thought i would share it with everyone. Simple to make and simply delicious. Ingredients 250g(9oz) sultanas and currants 250g(9oz) caster sugar 375ml(13fl) cold tea 2 eggs 500g(1IIb 2oz) self-raising flour 1 tsp mixed spice ( i put more in but it is according to taste) 1 tsp grated nutmeg ( again, quantity according to taste) 1 tsp ginger ( i just used the dry ginger and again, quantity according to taste) 2IIb loaf tin, lined with baking parchment or just greased 1. Place the fruit and caster sugar in a large bowl and pour over the cold tea. Stir well, cover and leave overnight for the fruit to pump up. 2. Heat the oven to 180C, 160Cfan, 350F, gas 4. Add the eggs to the soaked fruit and beat in. Sift the flour, mixed spice, nutmeg and ginger and stir into the mixture until well blended. Spoon into prepared tin and bake in the oven for approx 1 hour until firm to the touch and a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. 3. Remove cake from the tin and allow to cool completely before serving. This cake is also fat free. You can also add any fruit of your choice, for ex, cherries, mixed peel, nuts perhaps, tin of pineapple. It is also lovely toasted for breakfast. Hope you enjoy it has much as i did. As i am typing this, i have one in the oven and it smells lovely. ENJOY

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Is the Restaurant St Antoine in Plemet still in business?  I am getting no response from Phone No shown on Google and Pages Jaune.

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Got 20 friends for dinner, and trying to think of an good dessert, has anyone got any recipes for good tasty unusual pudds, i usually do cheesecakes or tiramisu, but would like to try something different.

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I would love to get my hands on some pork pies for Christmas - anyone know of a shop or butchers in Brittany who do them? Thanks!!

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Hello. I'm looking for advice. I want to acquire a bar licence 3 and believe I need to attend a stage.....how difficult is the stage. My French is mediocre and wondered if it is possible to pass with this level of French??

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Hi, desperate times call for desperate measures! We were supposed to be going to our house in Normandy at the end of the month, but can't get there now until the summer. we would normally come back via Plymouth and collect wine order on the way.....is there ANYONE (!!) coming back via Plymouth with some space who could collect some cases of Roche Mazet from the wineandbeer supermarket in Roscoff for us - we can meet you at the ferry in UK, as they can not send our order for us overseas. Happy to gift a few cases/contribute but otherwise we're going to have a few very sad months here in the UK !! Hellllllllp!!

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Hi therea couple of Kiwi's living near Plein-Fougere looking to meet and socialise with any other expats, French or anyone for that matter to chat, socialise over a beer, wine, cider whatever. We are in our mid 40's-50 young, well traveled with a variety of interests.Keen gardeners, brewer, builder, decorators. Eager to learn French as well.Look forward to hearing from you.RegardsTony and Trish

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Can anyone help!I have lived in Brittany for the past twelve years and have made my own bread using French bread flour. For several weeks I have been unable to buy French bread flour in my local supermarkets. Has anyone else had the same experience?  Is there a problem with supplies?Help please I am getting very frustrated

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We were passing the Resistance Museum on our way to the paysagistes at St Marcel and were surprised to see a sign for Fish and Chips so we went in and enquired about them. They said they didn't do mushy peas although many other English people had asked about them also. As I make my own mushy peas I said I would make some and bring some along. As I was aked for the recipe I took this with some of my mushy peas and had them with their fish and chips which were really nice. I gave them a couple of bags of Marrowfat peas so they could have a go at making them. Just thought I would let people know in case they want to try. 

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Had a great 3 course meal in Le Manoir bar Mohon with my family recently for just 15€ for 3 courses.  Was lovely, would recommend. We are booked in for their next afternoon tea in December.  Always great fun and a great welcome. 

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Bonjour mes amis ( Hello my friends ),I thought that it would be handy having a thread running where you all can share you restaurant recommendations here in Brittany to help others decide where to go for a nice meal.Please let us know where the restaurant is and what it is that you like about it. Price range, service , taste and ambiance are good things for people to know.I am maybe not the best person to get this rolling as I have not visited any restaurants in Brittany in quite a few years,but going back quite a while the restaurant that I always placed above any others was " Le Merlin " at anse de sordan on the morbihan side of the lac du guerdelan.I found the food to be excellent,the service exceptionally good and loved the view of the lake from the old terrace which is now indoors. It was a bit more expensive that a lot of the normal resto's around the area,but I always felt that it was great value for money. Many times I treated my girlfriend at the time to a nice lunch there and was happy to pay fifty or sixty euros for something a bit special.Only once did I have a complaint and that was after an evening meal when I fancied a glass of decent cognac and they gave me too much cognac especially for the price.I have not been there for a good few years now however so do not know if it is the same couple of Dutch lads running the place and if it is as good quality as it used to be. It would be good to hear from anyone who goes there now.Please take a moment to share your favourite restaurants with us and help others enjoy some of the best of Brittany.I hope that this message finds you all in good health and in good spirits.Love and lightJamie xx

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Any recommendations for lunch in Quimper, nothing fancy just reasonable food. Thanks

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Just to let everyone know the guethenoc restaurant in josselin will be doing English fish, chips and peas during the british weekend 24th and 25th June.

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I hear that kerbian farm are opening another shop in callac, 

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