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Hi again folks, I live near Carhaix and I wondered if anyone knows where I can get fresh beansprouts [ as in chinese food ] ?.  Thanks  

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tonybee-957727 1455722319

Like you we love Chinese food , cooked at home, so why not grow your own bean sprouts?

You can buy Mung beans online and its so easy to grow them, 

Sabjack-431694 1455722396

Bought mine in the Geant last week in Morlaix.

MrsOverallagain 1455722664

Try the BIOCOOP in Carhaix. If they don't have the beans sprouts themselves they'll have the mung beans - along with many other seeds for sprouting. 

rolex666 1455723145

Thanks for replying. I have thought about growing my own but have always thought it would be difficult. I may give it a try. any tips?


greenandpleasant 1455724448

It really could not be easier - you can sprout any seed or grain (mung beans as above, alfalfa, lentils, adzuki beans, peas - I'm doing red cabbage at the minute!) - soak a few overnight in a jam jar, then rinse them the next day, and every day after that - twice if you remember - you should see them sprouting after 24 hours, and they'll be ready to start eating as you need them after about 3 or 4 days.  I have some on the go constantly, they are so good for you and really it could not be any more simple!

rolex666 1455729417

thanks I'll give it a try.

Finny Stare 1456140248

We buy mung beans from the Biocoop in Carhaix, the home grown ones have a really nice, nutty flavour and are quick to sprout.  


rolex666 1456141055

Thanks for your interest. I went to Bio this morning and they sell them as beansprouts. Chinese for tea tonight !

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