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John E



Any bread bakers out there that can recommend which flour to use here in France which would be the equivalent to Strong Flour in the U.K ?ThanksJohn e

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The numbers relate to how much gluten is in the flour. So Type 45 is typically used for pastries and sauces, Type 55 is "standard" white baking flour - in French terms - used for baguettes and so on.
Type 65 is stronger still, and then there's 80, 110 and up to wholemeal 150.
However, there may be different grinds of flour (for example) that can still all be the same type, just to make things a little more complex.

Most retail "bread" flours are blends of different flours, rather than being flour of a single numbered

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We buy machine bread flour from Leclercs. Kept on the cooked bread shelves.

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Hello JohnE.

I use bread flour made by Soezie. I've had success with all the types I have used. They make bread mixes too. Stocked by the larger Point Vert stores. Not cheap, but excellent results.

Francine bread flours are sold in the supermarkets.

 Your local baker will probably sell you a kilo or two of their bread flour.

Happy baking.

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From the flour section of your supermarket, look for Francine.

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I use Chabrior Pain blanc from Intermarché not expensive,, add a little salt and a sachet of yeast and 320 ml of water instaed of 300, as indicated, for 500gms flour.

Use 6 hour programme   on  my Panasonic and get good results

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