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Just to let everyone know the guethenoc restaurant in josselin will be doing English fish, chips and peas during the british weekend 24th and 25th June.

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Nipper 1497021964

Ah, but how do you know it is fish caught in "English" waters.  Thought it was British waters, making it British fish, lol!!  The fish may have been caught in Scottish waters. Still makes the fish British and not English!

Fish24 1497043065

Probably because the fish are red, white and blue and not blue, white and red.  I'm just plain old silver 'threads amongst the gold'.

Oldbury 1497690699

thanks (note to self, avoid Josselin)

Penny Sheldon-880709 1497693779

Just to confirm, it is not just a British weekend it is a Breihz-British weekend, a coming together of the two communities to celebrate culture, music, dance, food and many of the other elements we all enjoy about each other.

The weekend was suggested and set up by the French community and the committee is made up of French and British members

Very much looking forward to it. Good to see Josselin attempting to introduce events, otherwise like many other towns, although pretty, do not offer much and could die..

joffs 1506952999

dont know if any of you will read this , after the event , but i wondered how the josseling event went, i saw it advertised when i was in the town  but couldnt get there that weekend,

Tryval 1506967257

Hope it went well :-)

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