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Hi, we used to go to the Dauphin Blue in St Brieuc but had a bad reaction to the food so haven't been for 3 years, there is one near to Lamballe, can anyone recommend it for lunch ?

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Meldrew-391022 1509440041

Yes its good, we have been using this one regularly since it opened. If you should have any concerns about the pre prepared food (and we don't!) you can select from the fresh ingredients and have it woked in front of you.

Wendolene-891474 1509455191

We go to the one in Pontivy, La Lanterne Rouge, which we find very good.

Southern Guy 1509457077

We have one here that is €6,95 day or night. Really busy at night, everyday..

Oh wait. It is in Benidorm. Sorry. Wrong site..

Rance-384571 1509459249

That's dear for Benidorm...thought everyone paid €4 ........

Fitter 1509463445

There is another buffet-style asiatic restaurant in Pontivy, not been myself but some friends rave about it - a bit more expensive and upmarket chinese, thai and japanese style cuisine - lunchtime price is about €12 evenings is abput €18 a head

Annabelle's Papa 1509469783

Thanks Meldrew and everyone who responded, we will be giving it a try out soon.

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