Christmas pudding, T-bags, sweets

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A friend sent me a link to a new UK based company that delivers to France for a very reasonable rate, felt I should share it on here;

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stuart1900-423199 1250245116

Thanks for the link, I think I will have to buy some PIC N MIX , I crave jelly beans.

Bubblehead-386872 1250704098

Those prices look ever so expensive to me. It is quite competitive out there regarding these sort of things. British Corner Shop are very good value and the postage is fair too.

stuart1900-423199 1250712134

Could you direct me to the pic n mix section, Find the corner shop website difficult, can't find pic n mix and looked for a few big bars of cadburys dairy milk.

stuart1900-423199 1250712452

Found the cadbury now.

stuart1900-423199 1250713353

Taking the pricing comment on board, I just put 5 large cadbury bars in the basket at cornershop and it was £24.24 compared to the gift basket wrapped with card with the same cadbury and that was 22.98 with the brit box.

I haven't looked at anything else because of time and lack of interest, but obviously it looks ok to me and the original poster.

Dordogne2009-412799 1250714242

Can I have a Crunchie please?!

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