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Any bakers out there know where I find cocoa in the shops area 56. Thanks

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Sunnygirl-422087 1249988346

Cocoa powder I am looking for

nag champa 1249988523

usually with the hot chocolat and coffee, theres some quite expesive ones but I use nestle 100% cocoa powder, no sugar added and great for baking, most supermarkets have it

another-416406 1249988528

I find mine near the coffee!
Van Houten Cacao non sucre.
There is also a cheaper one that I cant remember the name!

Sunnygirl-422087 1250014692

Thank you so much ladies. I am new to baking so need all the help I can get. Went to Seglien British Shop this afternoon and they had cocoa powder.

Again my thanks.

wizzywhiskas 1250018410

If you need a lot - AND sugar - then buy it now as the price will rocket in the next 3-6 months due to poor harvests and an increase in world demand.

tinternet 1250351833

No need to go to an English shop to buy it, all the supermarkets stock cacao.

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