coeliac bread

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Please help, where can you get bread suitble for coaliacs in area 22? As the bread from the UK, does not last long after travelling.

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winnie-390130 1248432697

You may be better sourcing the special flour and making your own. Try the health food shops. I think there's one in Guingamp (Area 22).

cornishrebels 1248686351

Thanks so much, you are worth your weight in gold.

Felicity789 1248687268

Believe chestnut flour is OK for celiacs and makes the most amazing bread & cakes, yum; there is a mill near Bignan that sells 5kg bags for 8€, well worth the trip and it is a fabulous place too. They have lots of other flours too and the chateau neary makes a day out (free entry, amazing place, lots of walks). Check out Moulin d'Hillary, have the phone number somewhere so if you can't find it e me.

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