cooking rabbit

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i am really keen to cook rabbit the way we did years ago. where is the best place to buy good fresh rabbit.jlw

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sscolnik-384151 1215175903

depends on where you live of course.....

june west-403358 1215176269

00ps. sorry. plessala 22


Layla-395409 1215177867

I buy the rabbit from any supermarket, Champion,Carrefour etc. Normally ready to go.

goldi 1215200076

Just how did you cook the rabbit years ago??
Jugged, saw a version of that the other day on the tv and it did not look to inviting.

PEBBLES-409204 1215205977

I cook mine in the slow cooker for about 10 hours with all the usual veg and make an onion gravy. Eat like a casserole or save in and make a pie

Mac22 1215248977

Rabbit pie with lots of onion gravy, hmmmmmmm...

dreamer-389248 1215250125

If you can get hold of Campbells condensed cream of mushroom soup, it makes a fantastic rabbit pie, just add cooked rabbit. To casserole a rabbit, joint it and cook it with veg for an hour and a half. It's so tender it'll fall off the bones. You can also roast it and cook it in a mustard sauce (French recipe). All I did was spread a jar of mustard over the rabbit and roast it, checking every 15 minutes and rebasting if it looked dry.

You could of course go French and cook the head too!

We produce our own rabbit but you can buy them from most supermarkets.

geoffanddenise-394391 1215250577

Try it on the BBQ , have not done the legs on one but the real meaty parts come off it really tasty. every summer we have BBQ rabbit.

june west-403358 1215264392

its good that rabbit is still popular here its a good cheap alternative to chicken. we had rabbit stew and pie every week when i was a kid, for some reason it went out of fashion in the uk.


George Marc-394600 1215270527

I just joint a whole rabbit and grill the legs and saddle. I then pan-fry the liver and kidneys in a drop of madeira. Most supermarkets have rabbits and there are certain weeks when there are loads for sale.

june west-403358 1215291282

that recipe sounds really good, will try that.


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