Dry Fryers - opinions please

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Does anyone use a dry fryer, am thinking of buying one, but thought I'd ask if anyone had experience of them and if they're any good of course!   Thanks

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pablopicasso 1454605239

We use an ACTIFRY  it does the same  but hardly any grease/ fat /oil required

usfive-390948 1454605335

Quick reply, thanks very much

Live&Love 1454606392

We have a Phillips one. I love it.

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Thanks for the replies much appreciated!


hawkins-637656 1454619281

We have an ActiFry too and use it 3-4 times a week. You can cook so much in it, even stuff like chili/bolognese! Whilst ActiFry chips aren't quite the same as proper homemade fried chips, they *are* tasty nonetheless (and a hell of a lot healthier!). I'll occasionally chuck a few frozen sausages in there too with NO oil, you should see all the fat that comes out compared to grilling them! First few times you use it there's a slightly plasticky/fumey smell, (but doesn't affect the food whatsoever), however it totally dissipates after a few uses. Easy to wash, and dishwasher safe too (obvously not the whole thing, but the pan and paddle!)

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usfive-390948 1454621023

Thanks for all the helpful comments everyone

c2oafc-383379 1454667852

Hello AI,just hyad a quick look at the ActFry job ... there are loads of models!! Can you please identify your models etc ,, especially the one that does sausages !! sounds great

thank you



Tryval 1454975861

We have a Philips deep frier, makes great chips etc, French mother in law has the 'no fat job' chips are crrrap, after seeing my real chips, she has bought a deep, real chip chip chip maker, so moules frites next season (soon) chez Collette will be acceptable.

foureyes-10044529 1455020297

Not sure why anyone would want to dry fry, except for the obvious problem of using processed vegetable oil, which is really bad for you.  If you can find a good frying medium - olive oil (contrary to common perception) or nut oils, proper frying is much more satisfying and as long as you don't batter or crumb, is just as healthy.

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