E- Leclerc in Ploermel targeted for 3 days

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As per heading - it appears that E-Leclerc are the major target for farmers fury - 3 days now

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winda1 1454773954

Carrefour had tractors blocking their parking at Keryado Lorient on Friday.

jackorjason 1454774151

This is 3 days running the tractors / farmers have blocked access to Ploermel Leclerc

woody-383477 1454781331

Just passed by LeClerc - it is blockaded so effectively that you can't even get in even without a car

jackorjason 1454781511

I wonder how a farmer would feel if I blocked access to his farm ? ( I know he'd probably knock several shades of #### out of me , but would the police stop me ? - of course they would )

Kerroux 1454785645

I know it's not possible but wouldn;t it be good if the supermarkets could get the names of these farmers and thier families and block them from ever entering the shops again.One can only dream.

Tryval 1454802252

Maybe we should think more about buying the cheaper, i.e. New Zealand lamb, S American beef etc,

and would you believe it ONIONS! from New Zealand ONIONS!!!!!!!!, saw them in our local super duper a few days ago, I laughed then, even though they looked ok, but onions for heavens sake cheap btw transported halfway round the globe, but I'M not laughing any more

I wouldn't have dreampt of buying an antipodean ONION but now faced with these tactics, depends on how civilised it is.

, The farmers are really SUCCEEDING in alienating us who would LIKE TO support BUY French!

Kernana-407546 1455134883

I have just been told that Leclerc in Pontivy has tonight been or is now being, surrounded and blocked by the farmers. So tomorrow may prove difficult or near on impossible to shop there. This coming in direct contradiction of info I heard several days ago  that Leclerc Pontivy wasn't to be targetted.

muffinam-389555 1455205693

Dinan is bad again.Le Clerc and Carrefour yesterday today they are stopping lorries going into Dinan and checking contents. I thought naivly that France had a free market  maybe time other countries threw out french produce the way the farmers are doing here. I am now going to buy as little French stuff as possible, i know it won't make a difference but it will to me.


Fitter 1455208150

I read a survey carried out in Brittany within the last 3 or 4 days that appeared to represent that 83% of the french public support the farmer's protests.

Probably most of the people they surveyed were farmers, their families, or farm workers.

Apparently if they are protesting with the blessing of a bona fide union and their protest is registered at the prefecture they are able to do what they like - as we have seen.

They have made a bl**dy mess of the big square in Pontivy and the front of the impots, I somehow doubt that the local taxman has any influence on where the supermarkets get their produce from.

They blockaded the big Intermarche distribution depot near Pontivy for the last 3-4 days until a bailiff turned up with a court order to move on in 10 minutes which they didn't do so the gendarmes moved them on.

France is a strange country sometimes.


Gleaner 1455211425

To put a different perspective on matters. I hazard a guess, that many more folk will be looking to grow their own. Which will have a knockon effect. More people getting out and becoming healthier as a result of working in their gardens. However, perhaps it will have a reverse effect on sales made by the supermarkets. This probably won't effect the farmers hereabouts though, but hopefully it may make the supermarkets aware a tad more as regards the demands of those that buy  there and  those which sell to them. A faint hope I suppose.

COCO-783436 1455229241

the  "poor"  farmers  didnt  hold  much  water  with  some  of  the    french residents  in  our  town"nice  new  tractors"  was  stated  more  than  once.They  were  irritated  by  the  inconveneince but  gave  it  the usual  "  c  est  la vie"

  We  have  two  neighbours  a  dairy  farmer  who  has  a  herd  of only 40  dairy cows  who but still goes  ski ing  twice a  year  and  another  who  owns  most  of  the  land  in  the  village and  is  paid  in  subsidies  to  plant  and  harvest  acres  of  maize  and  hay  that  go  to  rot  each  year.  Of  course  there  are  farmers  who  are  facing genuine  hardship  and  I  certainly  sympathise  However  us  all  paying  a  few  centimes  on  our  bottle  of  milk  or  loaf  of bread  wont  change  the  situation  There  is  a  surplus  of  unwanted  food being  produced and  people  french  english  alike  want  the  best  prices  possible.  My  neighbour  pours  away  gallons  of  milk  ,  as he  only  has to  meet  his  quota, tonnes  of  vegtables  are  binned  or  fed  to  animals  weekly.  The  situation  is  complex  and  challenging  but blocking supermarkets  for  a  few  days  wont  improve the  situation  as  the  supermarkets  will  soon  re côop  their  loses.

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