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Just returned from weekend shopping at the excellent Intermarche supermarket in Plaintel, where I fell into conversation with very nice buyer/supervisor. She instituted a section for English foods 2 months ago - good selection of basic British staples, including English teabags, Marmite, Colman's mustards, Branston pickle, Hellman's mayonnaise, Heinz beans, jams & marmalades, Oxo cubes, biscuits, etc. etc. She tells me she's really disappointed with the take-up, and unless sales improve, they'll give up on the idea at the end of the year. Personally, Marmite's the only attraction, otherwise I prefer to buy French food - discovering & investigating the unfamiliar is all part of the enjoyment of living here - but at least they've made the effort, even putting a suggestions board for English customers in the shop foyer, and it seems a shame that people haven't responded ... she tells me she's planning to advertise it elsewhere on this site ... so, use it or you'll lose it. No point in Anglo-grumbling when our hosts take the trouble to offer what some of us say we want ...

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Billy Bones 1249736162

Baud intermarche has had an english section for over 6 years that i know of, selling what you listed, but at the price they charge, its no wonder nobody buy's the stuff.

TheCapedCruiser-407781 1249736906

How do the prices compare with the 'English shops' (as in Quintin and Moncontour) that brave (foolhardy?) expats have set up? Are they able to undercut the supermarkets? I don't know, but I doubt it ...

thoma-413534 1250354366

That what billy bones said is needed on the suggestions board........ Too expensive! The english shop for example in combourg is nearer the normal prices.

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