Filo Pastry? Where is new freezer shop in Pontivy?

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I've tried the French equivalent BRICK .. but it is definitely not the same ! Have you found Filo Pastry anywhere? I Googled and found a website and they sell Greek stuff also like Vine Leaves by mail order. Waiting to hear if they accept other cards for payment other than Bank Populaire. You can have a look and see what you think. With lateral thinking I suppose we would find filo pastry in Asian, Oriental, Greek or Turkish shops. Whilst writing I have looked for the new Freezer Shop in Pontivy. I thought it was near MacDonalds but haven't been able to find it. Please could I have the name and location. I'll give them a call and see if they stock Filo Pastry. It is such a versatile product and great if you are counting calories !!

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Sammiegolden 1256294575

OK. I found the frozen food shop through Googling ... it is called Picard and phoned to ask them if they stock it .. but they don't.

Has anyone seen filo pastry in any of the English shops????

During the Googling for Pate Filo ... there are a lot of postings ie. on Yahoo etc. from the French also searching for it !!

loubie-422519 1256979168

i just bought filo in our intermache (Redon)

gladys-402424 1256985908

Yes it is next door to MacDonalds. It the first shop in the new Metal Shed Buildings. However, it is on the rear, behind the pizza delivery one.

Sammiegolden 1256988436

Not found it myself yet. Loudeac, Pontivy, Plemet.

If anyone has better eyesight than me ..... please tell me if you can find it in any of the above areas.


sandysteve 1256989560

I brought mine from a supermarket, I think it was Leclerc, I've seen it in most (big) supermarkets over here.

happy_smiley_smile 1256993604

You can buy the brick in 8 sheets in a pack, and it's very good for making things like nems, works really well in both the oven and fryer. Why not make your own, it's really easy and works out cheaper than buying it all the time. Make it in big batches and freeze a load.

Sammiegolden 1257005908

Sorry, but Brick is nothing like Filo Pastry. In my opinion it is extremely thin and difficult to use.

jennifereccles 1257009229

Have you tried looking in any Super U in the cold cabinets next to the pastry/brick as I buy my filo pastry from Super U in Dol and I agree filo is far superior than brick - brick is a waste of time as it tears far too easily

happy_smiley_smile 1257018706

Actually that is a matter of opinion, and it depends what you are wanting to do with it. As I suggested in my previous post make your own, so quick, so easy and you can get it to how you need it.

jennifereccles 1257033776

No its not a matter of opinion as have used both brick & filo for many years here and filo is far superior - have asked my French friends and they all say filo is better

Filo stays far more pliable than brick and have used both for samosas, nems etc

Keep looking for it >I'm sure you'll find filo pastry

happy smiley smile - how do you make your own filo pastry would love to know?

HarryHope 1257034991

Phyllo dough is Middle Eastern and quite wonderful. Brik is African and quite different .Nems should be made with rice wrappers (or rice paper wrappers). If you check with these spellings you should find really good uses and recipes. All of these products are available here, in Morbihan.

happy_smiley_smile 1257074690

This website gives the recipe and instructions to make Filo Pastry, it's a lot of work, but well worth the effort. It only costs about 30cents to make for the amount given, and freezes really well. You will need a bit of practice, but its really fun to do. I tend to make most of my pastry now as it costs so much less than shop bought and tastes so much better. Also I make my own tortillas and chappatis and they work out about 2 cents each!!
Good Luck, happy cooking

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