Fish and Chips St Marcel, Malestroit

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We were passing the Resistance Museum on our way to the paysagistes at St Marcel and were surprised to see a sign for Fish and Chips so we went in and enquired about them. They said they didn't do mushy peas although many other English people had asked about them also. As I make my own mushy peas I said I would make some and bring some along. As I was aked for the recipe I took this with some of my mushy peas and had them with their fish and chips which were really nice. I gave them a couple of bags of Marrowfat peas so they could have a go at making them. Just thought I would let people know in case they want to try. 

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LucyBee 1502040254

I'm sure your mushy peas are delicious... but please please no no no, not in France - why do you have to have mushy peas here - just do not get it - ok, at home but ...

Martin King-393934 1502053666

I rather agree with Lucy Bee. If you choose to live in a foreign country and lust for the things you chose to leave behind then that's your choice. Malestroit is a very interesting town. A great campsite,good restaurants and the( out of town museum) is very educational. I ate in the restaurants in the church square, all very good, and after cycling and canoeing a couple of hundred km along the Nantes to Brest canal fish,chips and mushy peas was very low on my list of gastronomic priorities.

Petrolpower 1502082968

Im really curious to know why Mushy Peas are so offensive to some people but also more curious to know why its OK to eat them in the UK (or "at home" as LucyBee puts it) but not here?? both LucyBee and Matin K seem to to be saying if you decide to live in France then all you should like is French food, OMG  if you fancy a Curry from India or god forbid a Chow Main from the Chinese, there nothing wrong with a bit of what you fancy no matter where you live or come from even if it is Fish Chips and Mushy peas, take no notice of the narrow minded replies from those that must be such fun to be around not.

chillipepper-883242 1502118676

I'm sure the French or any other nationality might like to try them too. After all they have pureed food in French cuisine and mushy peas aren't that much different. Fish & chips aren't exclusively liked by the Brits.

I'm with Petrolpower - just because we live in France doesn't mean we don't want to eat nothing but French food. Variety is the spice of life.


sunshinedays 1502119766

Picard sell pureed peas and although they look like mushy peas they are a little paler in colour and don't seem to have any taste.  

chillipepper-883242 1502126694

I wonder how many people eat 'foreign recipes in there everyday repertoire of meals? Versions of lasagne, pizza burgers, chilli con carne, fajitas etc are part of most peoples' normal menus.And curry is one of the most popular foods reinvented by the British.  We enjoy recipes from North Africa, Asia, Middle East, Spain, Mexico, Russia, France etc etc. We certainly wouldn't stick to 'french' because we are in France. I'm sure the same applies to the French too - they are as gastronomically curious too. Look at the popularity of Vietnamese or North African food here.

I'm sure the restaurant the OP went to would be pleased to try her mushy peas.


chèvrefeuille 1502173295

Pale green and tasteless. That sounds like every portion of mushy peas that I've ever had in the UK.

Tryval 1502175863

Wrong Chippie chev' :-)

tonybee-957727 1502281057

So was this in the Museum?..........  WAS IT BATTERED FRESH FISH OR THE FROZEN TYPE?

sunshinedays 1502292306

Tonybee' it wasn't inside the museum but in the same grounds. The fish was battered and fresh. 

tonybee-957727 1502359748

Thank you.

Oldbury 1516014321

its closed except for Thursday through Sunday. The thought of eating purely French food makes me weep; this country is very conservative and there is little choice to be had, unlike the UK for instance. I cook all sorts of dishes from around the world, including fish and chips and there is nothing wrong with mushy peas, unless you buy the French version like Picard have. There's an air of superiority among some of you here. I haven't eaten at this place yet but I will give it a try; my expectations are low to non-existent, so we shall see. I avoid fish n chip vans and British run bars that lay this on as a rule,; for me provenance and freshness and quality is all.

Oldbury 1516891791

I went recently; the people are very charming. I would go back there for something other than their version of fish and chips.

Oldbury 1516891793

I went recently; the people are very charming. I would go back there for something other than their version of fish and chips.

chrisnrob 1516898660

I sometimes buy the fish & chips (frozen) from SuperU - just for a treat - of course, not quite the same as straight from the Chippie in UK, but very acceptable for a little treat now and again!! They cook nicely in the oven.

Fitter 1516899689

Mustn't eat mushy peas in France - FGS whatever next?

Hasta Lavista 1516900018

They said the hamburger would never take off in France; it's now featured in many gastronomic restaurants run by top French chefs.

Fitter 1516907318

"They said the hamburger would never take off in France; it's now featured in many gastronomic restaurants run by top French chefs."

Yes - There's one near us run by some bloke called Monsieur MacDonald.

Hasta Lavista 1516909869

Obviously a French mother and an English or Scottish father, Fitter.

John-Halford 1516913167

He/She or it cannot even spell it correctly..

Just another troll living a lonely life in but-fu** France

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Dick Caggles 1516916663

Did you mean butt-fu**  (whilst we're on the subject of spelling)?

John-Halford 1516918144

Sorry DICK, that is your queens english..

Damian-Farrow-912257 1516950361

No need to ha e a dig at gay people............oh sorry, you meant the Queen.

Oldbury 1516955468

I will find you azure...

Lakeside 919439 1516971904

I love haddock and chips and mushy peas. Nothing wrong in having a bit of what you fancy. As i,m from the North east coast this is right up my street.

Oldbury 1516977430

you won't get that here, lakeside. The two pieces in batter probably didn't weigh more than 5 gms each and most likely Lieu (pollack) or Coley equivalent. It is a pale imitation, which is a shame as the place is fine and the people lovely.

countrydweller 1516983263

Bickering about fish chips and mushy peas This thread has restored my faith

Tryval 1517005531

Love good F&C and mushy, in the UK, but, luckily there are, just a 'few', acceptable alternatives here:-)

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