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I have recently found a very good cure for bacon, and I would now like to try smoking the bacon. Has anyone seen a small smoker for sale in any store in Brittany? It doesn't have to be very big. Or perhaps someone out there has one for sale.Thanks.

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Please would you let me know if you have any direct responses as I am looking for a similar smoker. Have tried hot smoking in a large wok but it wouldn't work for bacon.

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It depends on what you want to do, Hot Smoke or Cold Smoke. With Hot, you cook the meat as well as smoke it, or I should say it is safe to eat after smoking. Or there is Cold Smoke which tends to smoke the bacon in your case much deeper, and gives it a much darker colour, but one has to cook it after. I have smoked small slices of bacon, and fish in a large Wok, by placing tea, sugar and rice in the bottom of the Wok, cover with foil, leaving the edges open for the smoke to permiate around the meat. Place the meat or fish on a rack and place over foil, put the lid on, and leave, checking for progress. I did make a Cold Smoker once out of a box, and some ducting. You have the fire producing the heat at one end. The smoke then transfers through the ducting, which is cooled, and into the sealed smoke box. With this I used Alder Wood, or Apple Wood. With this, I only smoked fish, but it will do joints of bacon, but obviously take longer. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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In between all the adverts there are various designs for hot & cold smokers & smoke houses at

I have had a steak cooked in a 'trashcan' smoker & it was wonderful.

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Try here


They have all that sort of stuff.

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Years ago we recycled a fridge into a smoker, it was very good. Used oak chipppings & a few other woods - experimenting was fun - and the bacon was gorgeous.

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