Frozen food shop Pontivy

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Has anyone been there and what's your view of it?? I understand it opened earlier this year but never got the chance to go myself. Is it like an Iceland in UK and what do you think of the prices?? After last years price of veg I started to buy frozen veg as it worked out cheaper for just the two of us!! Also is there anything anyone has bought and really liked??

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Where in Pontivy and what's the name

My wife loved Iceland

faircop 1249163679

The name is Picard and it also has branches in Vannes and Lorient. The quality and choice is excellent but don't expect to pay Iceland prices as Picard is quite expensive. It's probably worth a trip if you fancy a treat or you could look at their website and target their promos.

hilaryp 1249164182

I get broad beans there because I havn't seen them anywhere else, and yes I have found it not too expensive for veg as there is no waistage with frozen but other products are just for a treat!!

Sunnygirl-422087 1249988171

It is called Picard and over and behind McDonalds. It is absolutely great offering every kind of food for every occasion.

anngbrown 1249993081

Does anyone know their web site address and if they do actually have one?

Togs 1249994549

try www.

Sold Out-419907 1249995361

Yes as one poster has said its Picard - yes its not cheap as another poster has said its definitely not Iceland prices but it has the best range of fish that I have seen here (i.e. frozen) it also does have a wonderful range of vegetables - the canapes and such like are expensive but beautiful - perhaps for that special dinner for two other foods also are wonderful. It has a range of nationality frozen foods and I love it and am saving up to go again.

bobby-385828 1250404285

I found Picard in Pontivy, not cheap but as others have said great for a treat! I bought some Gazpacho soup (sp) and it was lovely and the great thing about it was you can take out just the amount you need!!

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