green toms

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Any ideas other than pickles for using up green toms? falling off before the sun comes back!

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pandjhowe-408546 1250006220

The sun is coming back?, I thought that was just a rumour.

Les Boxeurs 1250006956

If they are mature, but still green, you can place them in the dark with a ripe banana or ripe tomato and they should ripen.

As for recipes, sorry, the only thing I can think of is green tomato chutney, which I suppose comes into the "pickle" category.

Mine have been ripening up until now, in fact I am over run with the darn things. They are in a polytunnel, so whether this will continue I don't know. My problem is they have all arrived at once, whereas last year it seemed to be a lot more spread out. I certainly don't think I will be harvesting them for as long.

dreamer-389248 1250006979

I made 3 kilos of green tomato chutney yesterday! Try ripening them in a drawer.

lillysavage1-419896 1250007152

Wrap them in newspaper and leave them in a cupboard, in a week or two they will be perfect red toms.


Billy Bones 1250009284

In order for them to turn red they need light. just place them on a sunny inside windowcill, or any place that is bright, preferably in the sun, turn them as they go red on the visable surface. they will turn red fairly quickly.

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