Half a Lamb

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Does anyone know what would be a reasonable amount per kilo to expect to pay for half a lamb?Cheers

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Brite-398859 1247952853

around 5-6.50 euros is ok, butchered

titania-421679 1247957235

yes for bargain basement supermarket lamb but free range from a registered business nearer 8-9 euros a kilo

if you can buy at the lower end and if its of quality snap it up quick!!

Dude-389122 1247962114

I bought a quarter of a lamb (mouton) at the Mutant in Betton last June and it was 4 euros a kilo...12 kilos for 48euros. Included a shoulder a leg and the rest were chops and ribs. Everyone I served it to said it was delicious

missbehavin 1248000299

can you please tell me what the 'mutant' is and is betton a place ? im interested in buying mutton rather than lamb, it better suits the slow way i cook lamb and ive never ever seen it here in the nearly 11 years we have been here. thankyou in advance

Stick wizard 1248001173

many thanks for yoru replies

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