Hog Roast.

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We are planning a party at the end of August and would like to do a hog roast but don't know anyone that does it. I have done a search on AngloINFO but no-one seems to have come up with a name. Can anyone help or give us a lead, please ? We are close to Dinan - area 22.

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chicken george 1250186949


are you looking for someone to cook the pig or are you looking for the pig to cook?

Noonie-403465 1250187129


www.LACEF.fr hire out a spit and will also supply a pig, they also offered to spit roast the pig themselves, I should email them and specify exactly what your requirements are.

Good luck

steverockers-392585 1250187913

Chicken george - we do not have the equipment to do our own hog roast and I just wonder how much of a hash we would make of it if we try to do it ourselves ! Obviously we need to hire the equipment and buy the pig; whether we could take it from there would depend on how much info the hirers are prepared to give.

delabole 1250194503

I would recommend LACEF as well, I have been to two of their pig roasts and they have been fantastic, speak to Carole.

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